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QUIZ: Staging Savvy

 To make a home look its best and command the highest selling price, it must be easy for prospective buyers to picture themselves living there. That’s where staging comes into play. With the help of Barb Schwarz, founder of and author of Home Staging: The Winning Way to Sell Your House for More Money, we developed this quiz to boost your staging savvy.

1.It is five days before the open house, and your clients’ living room is filled to the brim with clutter that they don’t want to throw away. What is their best option?
Plan a garage sale
Pack the clutter in boxes and store off site
Move everything into the garage
Separate the clutter into piles and divide into closets throughout the house

2.When is the best time for sellers to start packing for the move?
Before they list the home for sale
As soon as they list the home for sale
After they receive a viable offer
After the closing

3.When staging a room, you should:
Create a focal point that’s related to how the buyer will use the room
Remove a piece or two of furniture from each room, if needed, to make the space look larger
Make sure that all of the lighting fixtures are clean and in working order
All of the above

4.In staging, the “Rule of Three” states that:
For every three prospective buyers, at least one will like the house
When re-accessorizing, use three items of varying heights on tabletops
No more than three colors should be used in a room
Each room should have enough seating for three people

5.Affordable items that can be used for staging include:
Old shampoo bottles and washcloths, which are placed in showers for a “lived in” look
Baskets of all sizes and styles, which help conquer clutter and add a decorative touch
Shoes — new or old — placed near entryways and stacked in empty closets
Brooms and mops, which can be leaned against the kitchen wall to emphasize cleanliness

6 .To make a child’s room look most appealing to prospective buyers:
Decorate the room with growth charts, posters, and school projects
De-clutter shelves and closets, and move TVs and computers elsewhere
Paint the walls a bright color such as purple, green, or bright yellow
All of the above

7 .Which of the following factors plays a role in staging a home:
The smell of the home
The layout of furniture
The backyard landscaping
All of the above

8 .The best colors for walls in a staged home are:
A hue that matches the dominant furniture in each room
Dark colors in bathrooms and basements; light colors in bedrooms and living rooms
Neutral colors, such as taupe and warm off-whites
Colors that show off your personality

9 .If carpet in the home is worn, stained, or patterned, what should the seller do?
Take an allowance off the home price; never invest in new carpeting before a move
Ask prospective buyers to imagine what a different floor covering would look like
Cover most of the floor with furniture so the carpeting will be less noticeable
Replace the worn carpet with a neutral color such as beige

10.To make a laundry room look its best:
Keep counters and sinks empty and replace wire hangers with white plastic hangers
Hang clothes to dry and open wash machine to show how the space “works”
Keep the door closed; it’s not an area of the home that you should show off to buyers
All of the above