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Strategic Plan

Posted: November 30, 2011   Size: 3MB   Format:    Download

Because the real estate business is dynamic and competitive, the Strategic Plan that drives our association must always be evolving and adapting to a changing environment. Each year, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Strategic Planning Committee updates the Strategic Plan to reflect the critical challenges and emerging opportunities that the association and the real estate industry will confront during the next three to five years.

NAR Strategic Plan at a Glance

The current strategic plan—approved by the NAR Board of Directors in November 2011—consists of six strategic objectives that will guide NAR as it develops new programs and services for members while also adhering to its vision as an effective business and public policy advocate for its members and the consumers they serve.


NAR is the trusted voice for real estate and an effective business and public policy advocate for its members and the consumers they serve.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Shape the future of mortgage financing to ensure a strong and sustainable flow of capital into the mortgage financing market place
  2. Create and support a meaningful, long-term relationship between REALTORS® and consumers
  3. Be the most comprehensive, reliable, and accessible source of real estate information
  4. Improve the competency and professionalism of REALTORS®
  5. Strengthen relationships with REALTORS® and within the REALTOR® community
  6. Support public policies that advance the real estate industry, protect private property rights and promote sustainable real property ownership housing opportunities and homeownership

2011 Strategic Planning Committee Report

The 2011 Strategic Planning Committee spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the current plan and gathering information from many sources, including experts from inside and outside the industry, to determine the forces that will influence the real estate industry during the next decade. One element of the strategic planning process was the creation of a set of scenarios. Scenarios are a useful way to develop alternative maps of the future—they are not a prediction or a forecast—but a way of looking to the future to see how trends we can see today could lead to various outcomes for REALTORS® and the REALTOR® organization.

The 2011 Strategic Planning Committee Report describes the scenarios developed by the Committee in the following areas:

  • Demographics of consumers and REALTORS®
  • The value proposition between REALTORS® and consumers and the value proposition between REALTORS® and the REALTOR® organization
  • REALTORS® and consumers use of technology
  • Organizational structure of the REALTOR® organization

2011 Strategic Planning Committee Presentation (PDF: 1.9 MB)

For more information, please contact:

Paul Bishop
Vice President, Research