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More Volunteer Leadership Ed Opportunities than Ever Before

August 20, 2012: 

Without leadership, change is slow and organizations stagnate or, worse, fail. Yet effective management alone isn’t enough. Leaders with vision, courage, and zeal must propel their organizations forward. These leaders must be identified, encouraged, and given opportunities to hone their skills. This is where leadership training comes in.

Congratulations, University of Chicago AE Graduates

August 20, 2012: 

Seven AEs earned their Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Chicago in a program sponsored by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Let’s Play the Leadership Game!

August 20, 2012: 

NAR’s 2012 Leadership Academy is producing a card game called “Mind the Gap” to help bridge the generational divide between REALTORS®.

International Buyers Eye High-End Homes

August 20, 2012: 

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ 2012 Profile of International Home Buying Activity, released in June, shows that 52 percent of REALTORS® had at least one international transaction in the past year.

Local Advocacy Training Begins

August 20, 2012: 

In the first training of its kind, four associations from Iowa and Illinois met in April to receive instruction from Bryan Wahl, NAR political consultant, on how local associations can tap into the wide array of resources available through the My REALTOR® Party (MRP) program.

NAR’s ALD Department Fosters Stronger Leadership Partnerships

August 20, 2012: 

“The Direct Connection to Growing Better Leaders” is NAR’s Association Leadership Development (ALD) department’s vision. It is the underlying impetus that drives the programs, products, and services that NAR offers for local and state association staff and volunteer leaders.

AE Chair Report: Reaching New Heights

August 20, 2012: 

Leaders are everywhere. They reside in every city, every position, and every organization. Leaders are employees and volunteers; men and women; old and young. Leadership knows no ethnic, cultural, racial, or religious bounds. Just look around you.

Reach for Success: 2013 Issues and Challenges

August 17, 2012: 

Read about the National Association of REALTORS®' priorities for 2013.


August 9, 2012: 

The 2015 Leadership Summit offers an overview of REALTOR® association leadership challenges, trending industry topics and NAR updates with the goal of providing Presidents-Elect and their Staff Executives the opportunity to start planning for the year ahead.

Association Models Planning Tool

August 8, 2012: 

The Association Models Planning Tool is your guide to association self-evaluation and strategic planning.