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New Member Code of Ethics Orientation

April 4, 2012: 

Use the link below to access the online New Member Orientation Course on the Code of Ethics developed by the National Association of REALTORS®. This course meets all learning objectives and criteria for the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation Policy (Policy Statement 47, NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual).


April 3, 2012: 

Learn about the fees associated with RCE Designation.

More Real Estate Associations Join Forces

April 2, 2012: 

More local REALTOR® associations already have, or are increasingly weighing consolidation of their groups into one larger association as a way to maximize benefits for members and decrease operating costs.

2013 NAR Committee Recommendation/Selection Process

April 1, 2012: 

The Committee Recommendation/Selection process allows members to enter and view committee recommendations online.

Volunteer Leadership Resources

March 29, 2012: 

These resources will not only familiarize you with your upcoming roles and responsibilities, but also explain the tools available to you from the National Association of REALTORS® to make your service effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Recipients by State

March 29, 2012: 

Blank, 1994

Leo Saunders, 1999

Dale Colby, 2001

Richard Rosenthal, 2005

Janet Scavo, 1997

Ted Bryant, 2001

Ronald L. Myles, 2004

Adorna Carroll, 2011

*L. Allen Morris, 1979

*Howard Babcock, 1981

*Jack Korenblit, 1990

Michael Owen, 2008


March 28, 2012: 
  1. Robert Arkley, Vermont
  2. Joan Ballantyne, Iowa
  3. Benjamin Blair, Kansas
  4. Montie Box, Oklahoma
  5. David H. Bradley, Massachusetts
  6. Ted Bryant, Colorado
  7. Stephen R. Casper, Ohio
  8. Dale Colby, California
  9. Adorna Carroll, Connecticut
  10. Virginia Cook, Texas
  11. Paul Everson, Ohio
  12. Joseph Funkhouser, Virginia
  13. Owen V.

New Member Orientation Materials

March 26, 2012: 

The 2014 Member Orientation Toolkit shipped to all State and Local Association Executives earlier this year.

2014 Orientation Toolkit

The Toolkit includes helpful tools to welcome new members into the REALTOR® family, which are also provided here for your convenience. We encourage you to emphasize how each new member plays an important role in the industry as you introduce them to the many benefits they receive from their local, state, and national REALTOR® associations.

Promotional Materials

March 14, 2012: 

Associations that are hosting a REALTOR® Leadership Program course locally can use the following flyers to promote the course.

Special Events Schedule

March 5, 2012: 

This page describes special events taking place during AE Institute 2013.