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Goal #1:

Facilitate open communication between the AEC and other NAR committees whose goals and activities may impact REALTOR® association policies, procedures, and management operations.

Expected Outcome:

AEC liaisons to NAR committees serve as the communication link between the AEC and other NAR committees. Liaisons ensure that issues discussed in the respective committees have the benefit of the AE perspective and that the AEC is apprised of issues being considered during and between NAR meetings, including issues that surface through on-line discussions and at local, state, and regional meetings. AEC leadership engages in communication with NAR officers to ensure that all levels of the organization coordinate efforts to best serve the members.

Goal #2:

To develop a strategic planning component for political advocacy to assist local and state associations that want to include political advocacy as one of their association’s strategic initiatives. 

Expected Outcome:

Associations have access to the information and resources they need to incorporate political advocacy initiatives into their strategic plans. 

Goal #3

To identify competencies that demonstrate proficiency in lobbying and other political advocacy skills, and explore the possibility of integrating these competencies into a professional designation or certification for GADs or an advocacy component of the existing RCE designation.

Expected Outcome:

A professional growth and development plan for GADs, which includes competencies and a body of knowledge, leads to a designation or certification that demonstrates proficiency in political advocacy skills. 

Goal #4

To identify best practices that associations are using to successfully serve and provide value to commercial practitioners; and to help associations promote their value to recruit and retain commercial members.

Expected Outcome:

All REALTOR® associations, including those without commercial structures, have access to information and resources that will better help them recruit, retain, and serve the commercial members in their area.

Goal #5

To explore the possibility of developing best practices guidelines that outline services and standards that state associations should strive to provide to local associations and members.

Expected Outcome:

State associations have guidelines to help them prioritize programs and services that are valued by local associations and members.  

Goal #6

To explore strategies and best practices for how associations develop and maintain healthy relationships with large brokers while communicating and delivering value to this constituency.

Expected Outcome:

Local and state AEs have access to best practices that can help them foster and maintain effective relationships with large brokers while navigating through challenging industry issues in a competitive culture.

Goal #7

Continue to expand the Consumer Outreach Best Practices collection on REALTOR.org and encourage the use of these best practices by local and state associations for the benefit of their REALTOR® members. 

Expected Outcome:

Local and state AEs can attend education sessions and participate in roundtable discussions at NAR meetings that focus on effective ways to reach out to consumers.

Goal #8:

Provide idea sharing and networking opportunities for younger AEs through the AE YPN Meet-ups at the AE Institute, Midyear Meetings, and Annual Conference; encourage and promote involvement and career development in the REALTOR® association management profession through recognition and education opportunities; serve as a resource for local and state association YPN chapters. 

Expected Outcome:

Younger generation AEs are connected and engaged in the REALTOR® association through opportunities at NAR meetings to network, discuss next generation technology and communication best practices and initiatives; younger AEs have access to information and resources that support their professional development and career growth opportunities; local associations can seek guidance and support from their AE YPN peers to establish or enhance local and state association YPN chapter activities.