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2015 AEC Goals

Goal #1

Facilitate open communication between the AEC and other NAR committees whose goals and activities may impact REALTOR® association policies, procedures, and management operations.

Expected Outcome

AEC liaisons to NAR committees serve as the communication link between the AEC and other NAR committees. Liaisons ensure that issues discussed in the respective committees have the benefit of the AE perspective and that the AEC is apprised of issues being considered during and between NAR meetings, including issues that surface through on-line discussions and at local, state, and regional meetings. AEC leadership engages in communication with NAR officers to ensure that all levels of the organization coordinate efforts to best serve the members.

Goal #2

To create a resource with guidelines, models, and best practices to assist associations that are interested in incorporating chapters or councils into their governance structure.

Expected Outcome

A centralized resource that local associations can consult if they are considering formation of a chapter or council.

Goal #3

Develop best practices to assist local associations in meeting the Advocacy and Consumer Outreach Core Standards, and to assist state associations as they provide support to their local associations in meeting the Core Standards.

Expected Outcome

Local associations will have access to information about the advocacy, consumer and community outreach programs that have been successful for other associations, and state associations will have some guidance as they support the locals in their state that are working toward Core Standards compliance in Advocacy and Consumer Outreach.

Goal #4

To review and update NAR’s association management resources to ensure that all Core Standards initiatives are incorporated.

Expected Outcome

The following association management resources will be reviewed and revised to ensure that they appropriately reference the Core Standards:  REALTOR® Association Management Models Planning Tool, Chief Staff Evaluation Resources, Succession Planning Resources, Organization Assessment Checklist, Strategic Planning Resources Toolkit, Value Positioning Toolkit, President/Chief Staff Executive Task List, Shared Services Toolkit, RARE Resource Exchange.

Goal #5

To encourage and promote involvement, volunteer leadership opportunities, and career development among young association staff professionals at all levels of the REALTOR® association; to encourage young association staff professionals to pursue an active role in advocacy; and to encourage networking and peer mentoring with other AE YPNers.

Expected Outcome

Younger generation AEs are connected and engaged in the REALTOR® association through opportunities at NAR meetings to network, discuss best practices and initiatives, and support their professional development and career growth opportunities; young AE professionals recognize the importance of campaign fundraising and its impact on the political process and NAR’s advocacy initiatives.