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Appendix A. Mediation Clause in Sales Contract (71 KB, 1 page)

Appendix B. Mediation Clause, Addendum to Sales Contract (70 KB, 1 page)

Appendix C. Agreement to Mediate (77 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix D. Request to Initiate Mediation Transmittal Form (19 KB, 4 pages)

Appendix E. Mediation Settlement Agreement (72 KB, 1 page)

Appendix F. Mediation the winning solution for buyers and sellers brochure
(138 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix G. Buyer-Seller Guide for Initiating Mediation (90 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix H. Designated REALTOR® / Branch Office Manager DRS Packet (23 KB, 1 page)

Appendix I. Buyer-Seller DRS Packet (84 KB, 1 page)

Appendix J. DRS Mediation Orientation (173 KB, 5 pages)

Appendix K. Samples Press Release (93 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix L. Request For Mediator Proposals (95 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix M. Tips for Negotiating a DRS Service Agreement/Contract (24 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix N. Checklist for Presenting DRS Mediation Clause to Buyers and Sellers
(68 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix O. Salesperson Script for Discussing Buyer-Seller DRS Mediation (124 KB, 1 page)

Appendix P. Tips for Promoting DRS Program (72 KB, 1 page)

Appendix Q. Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation (80 KB, 2 pages)

Appendix R. Evaluation by Parties (61 KB, 2 page)

Appendix S. Broker/Salesperson Evaluation (59 KB, 1 page)

Appendix T. Certification of Endorsement (81 KB, 1 page)

Note: For Microsoft Word versions of this information, along with all of the DRS materials go to URL: http://realtor.org/mempolweb.nsf/pages/nardrsdownloads