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Use these tips from NAR’s Association Executives Committee to develop an effective performance review process for your chief staff executive.

  • Establish job expectations. A detailed job description is critical. Equally important is for the board and the chief staff executive to have a more philosophical discussion about the chief staff executive’s role. What role does the chief staff executive have in leading the association? Who is responsible for developing the organization’s strategic direction? Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Core Standards?

    NAR’s Association Models Planning Tool can help boards determine which role makes the most sense for their chief staff executive: an administrator, a manager, or a leader. Based on your responses to a questionnaire, the Association Models Planning Tool will generate a sample job description for your chief staff executive.
  • Document goals and objectives. Develop a strategic plan for your organization that includes written goals and objectives. Per the Core Standards, every association shall have and annually adopt a business or strategic plan. This gives the chief staff executive and the board a shared view of what is important to the association. In addition to organizational goals, boards and chief staff executives should agree on individual performance goals for the chief staff executive. These goals, which may change annually, can be evaluated during the chief staff executive’s annual performance review.
  • Design a consistent and fair evaluation process. Refer to Process Guidelines and Considerations and the various process scenarios provided by other REALTOR® associations.