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Welcome to the AE calendar of events, programs, initiatives, and other dates of interest to REALTOR associations. Use the search function on this page to find an event or click the blue triangles to view the content for each year and month.

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03/07/2014 -- 03/08/20142014 Campaign Management Training for AEs and GADs
2014 Campaign Management Training NAR’s REALTOR® Party will again be hosting two, popular Campaign Management Training sessions in 2014 for Government Affairs Directors and Association CEOs. These two-day programs feature hands-on, in-depth training on taking a political or issue campaign from concept to completion. Registration is now open for the session on March 7 & 8 in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information on both sessions or to register, please visit our website or contact Julienne Uhlich at juhlich@realtors.org/202-383-1235.
Contact: Kyle Lambert London
Website: To learn more about the Campaign Management Training, click here

03/21/2014e-PRO® Day 1 at 2014 AE Institute
The new e-PRO® gives you a roadmap to build your association’s business and serve the hyper-connected member and consumer of today and tomorrow. Day 1 teaches about the changing market, how to connect with your members, and how to manage your association’s online reputation. Registration fee is $59. Upon completion of Day 1, students must complete Day 2 online (for an additional fee) to earn the e-PRO® certification.
Contact: Heidi Henning
Website: For more information visit the e-PRO® home page

03/21/2014REALTORS® association Certified Executive (RCE) Exam - AE Institute
The written exam is administered during the AE Institute to all eligible RCE exam candidates. The exam can also be taken locally online if proctored by an RCE designee up to four weeks prior to the scheduled exam date.
Contact: Krystal Allen
Website: Click here for more information

03/21/2014REALTOR® Party Immersion Day at AE Institute
Familiar with the REALTOR® Party but haven't had time to figure out how you fit in? This full day (8:30 - 5pm) workshop will help you identify your role as the REALTOR® organization shifts to focus more on state and local advocacy and outreach efforts. Learn from other AEs how REALTOR® Party programs worked easily and successfully at their associations, small and large. Lunch will be provided. Attendance is limited to 100. Reserve your spot when you register online to attend the AE Institute. Registration for this session is free. Participation will earn you 6 points on your RCE ADF!
Contact: Kyle Lambert London
Website: For more information on the REALTOR® Party Immersion Day at AEI, click here

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