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Updated: 59 min 22 sec ago

Is Facebook Losing Fans?

Fri, 01/24/2014 - 00:00

Princeton University researchers are predicting that Facebook will lose 80 percent of its peak users within the next three years. 

The Connection Between Flailing and Failing

Fri, 01/24/2014 - 00:00

No matter what you're saying, your body English could be driving business away.

Frigid Temps Freezing Out Bidding Wars

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

At least for now, home buyers may face less competition in the Northeast, which has been dealing with multiple snowstorms and plunging...

Florida Battles Highest Foreclosure Rates

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

While foreclosures have fallen by 26 percent nationwide in the past year, Florida continues to be a hotbed for foreclosure activity.

Warnings About Smartphone Damage in Cold

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

The frigid temperatures can take a toll on your smartphone — even causing it to temporarily freeze and shut off.

Drones in Real Estate: Soon, But Not Yet

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

The excitement around drones is increasing, and for good reason: The technology is steadily getting to the point where many commercial...

Study: U.S. Has Most of World's Affordable Markets

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

Of 95 major metros worldwide that were recently labeled the “most affordable,” 84 of them are in the United States.

Nearly Every U.S. City Can Expect a Good 2014

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 00:00

The vast majority of cities in the United States is expected to see economic growth in 2014. Find out which cities will lead the pack for jobs.

Tight Housing Inventories Still Plague Markets

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

“As we open the new year, the first-quarter inventory figures are especially crucial as our first barometer [of] seller confidence for the...

Builders Hike Their Prices

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

After a slowdown in the summer months, builders are starting to feel more confident and are raising their home prices again, a new survey shows....

10 Metros with the Shortest Days on the Market

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

Find out where homes are selling the fastest -- in some cases, less than half of the median days on market. 

The Least Affordable Cities Worldwide Are ...

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

A new survey shows one U.S. city coming in at No. 3 for the least affordable place in the world to buy property. 

Loan Demand Back on the Upswing

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

After reaching a 13-year low at the end of last year, mortgage applications were back on the rise this week, the MBA reports. 

Calculate ROIs to Nail Production Goals

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 00:00

By spending more time on activities you know are profitable, you'll start 2014 with a solid business plan.

Seize the Opportunity: Be Responsive to Consumers

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 00:00

A new study reminds real estate professionals of the benefits of customer relationship management to convert leads to prospects.

REALTOR® Mag Launches New Webpage for Your Stories

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 00:00

The site's new “First Person” section offers professionals a place to read about how colleagues face the challenges of the real...

Housing Starts Soften After Last Month’s Highs

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 00:00

New-home construction posted its largest percentage decrease since April, a big fall after last month’s surge.

Sellers Upbeat in the Golden State

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 00:00

One of the hardest-hit states in the housing crisis is expecting better days ahead with a big increase in seller optimism. 

The 25 Worst Passwords

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 00:00

Make sure that you aren’t putting your information at risk by choosing one of the most common passwords. 

4 Keys Identified for a Full Housing Recovery

Fri, 01/17/2014 - 00:00

In order to have a fully recovered housing market, economists say, four positive indicators must be in place. Are we there yet?