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Updated: 28 min 26 sec ago

More Homes Built for Roommates?

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:00

Media attention paid to NAHB's New American Home was focused not on the grand amenities it's usually noted for, but the...

The Top States for Retirees in 2016

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:00

Those in the 65-plus bracket may find their money will go further and their quality of life will be better in certain areas of the country.

The Proper Home Seller Etiquette

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:00

Realtor.com® recently highlighted a few must-follow etiquette tips that you’ll want to share with your clients.

Stashing Cash in Secret Hampers Home Buying

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:00

Many consumers say they keep cash tucked away in secret at their home. But here’s why they’ll want to be sure to get that in the bank...

Builders Debate a Millennial or Boomer Focus

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:00

Millennials and baby boomers differ on their housing preferences, putting builders at odds as they consider which generation they should most...

Top 10 Cities with Most Connected Homes

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:00

Find out where consumers have embraced connected home technology by the fastest rates. 

Ohio Brokerage, Association Offer Safety App

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 00:00

“The culture has dramatically changed in our industry,” says the HER President about the decision to offer a safety phone app to all 1...

Family Caught as HOA, Builder Debate Repairs

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 00:00

A suburban Dallas family is watching its backyard slide into a pond as the subdivision developer and HOA point fingers at each other.

New Life for Closed Hospitals: Condos

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 00:00

Developers in New York City believe they can make now-closed hospital buildings hospitable for full-time residents.

Home Staging Evolves

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 00:00

In the age of HGTV, real estate professionals say home staging is growing in importance and becoming more sophisticated.

New Homes Are Getting Bigger and Pricier

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 00:00

Unit size on new residential construction is on the rise as more home buyers desire extra space. But it's also coming with a much steeper...

Where Mortgages Disappear the Fastest

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 00:00

Debt-wary clients may want to keep their eyes on these cities, which offer some of the best potential for free-and-clear home ownership....

Florida on Alert After Man Harasses Agents

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 00:00

Police in Riverview, Fla. are searching for a man accused of acting suspiciously toward female real estate professionals at model homes....

Market Unrest Pushes Down Mortgage Rates

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 00:00

Tell your home buyers that the rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages hasn't been this low in months.

Make Prospects Choose You Over the Internet

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 00:00

With more house hunters doing the bulk of their research on the Internet, what can you do to get them offline and in front of you faster?

Best Places to Be a Renter

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 00:00

In the most affordable place to rent, monthly rental costs will only eat up about 16 percent of your paycheck; but in the worst place, it'll...

Freddie Mac Debuts Site for Practitioners

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 00:00

The Real Estate Professionals Resource Center offers information on the latest affordable mortgage products as well as training and networking...

6 Ways to Protect Your Home From Snow

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 00:00

The impending snowstorm aiming for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast is a good opportunity to remind clients about last-minute preparations for heavy...

Signs Your Clients Are Lying to You

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 00:00

In a typical 10-minute conversation, 60 percent of people tell multiple fibs, according to a new study. Here's how to spot a liar.

5 Tips for Tenants of Green Buildings

Thu, 01/21/2016 - 00:00

Looking to rent in a green building? These best practices will make it a mutually beneficial and easy transition.