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Updated: 11 min 16 sec ago

Number of Underwater Homeowners Down 42%

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 00:00

The number of home owners who owe more on their mortgage than their home is currently worth has dropped from 12.1 million to 7.1 million as of the...

The Renaissance Man of Rotary

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 00:00

Meet Good Neighbor Finalist Ken Davis, who inspires his community to volunteer as he makes life a little sweeter for orphans and more focused for...

Volatile Market Makes Appraisals More Difficult

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 00:00

In markets where prices are booming, deciding on a home's value is particularly tricky matter.

Fed May Announce Bond Tapering This Week

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 00:00

The Federal Reserve is expected to announce an easing of its bond purchase program Wednesday, which could have a big impact on mortgage rates.

Investors Bank on Senior Housing Boom

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 00:00

As the housing market recovers, older home owners are selling. Investors predict a big growth in senior housing as a result. 

Most Are Skeptical of Online Privacy

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 00:00

Nearly 60 percent of adults don't believe it's possible to be completely anonymous online, according to a new Pew Research Center survey....

Where Home Sellers Fared the Best This Summer

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:00

As the summer home buying season wraps up, realtor.com® reports which markets fared the best.

Teams Up to the Rescue

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:00

Meet Good Neighbor Award finalist Brenda Breit who is giving hope to pets left behind after evictions and foreclosures.

Inventory Crunch Over? More Sellers Jump In

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:00

The tight inventory of homes for-sale that plagued many markets in recent months is starting to fade. 

Mortgage Rates Hold at Yearly Highs

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:00

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is more than 1 percent higher that it was a year ago at this time, increasing borrowing costs for buyers. 

Calif. City Persists on Controversial Eminent Domain Plan

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:00

Richmond, Calif., city officials approved a plan this week to become the first city in the nation to use their powers of eminent domain to seize...

RealtyTrac: 'Foreclosure Floodwaters Have Receded'

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:00

Foreclosures are no longer being viewed as a widespread national problem, now mostly centered within a select few markets, according to the latest...

New Evidence of a Housing Bubble?

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 00:00

Home affordability continues dropping below long-term trends, but some experts say fears of a housing bubble are overblown.

Brokerage Relo Departments Expanding Services

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 00:00

As more employees are on the move again, brokerage relocation departments are expanding and evaluating new ways to serve workers who are changing...

Study: Walkable Neighborhoods Better for Kids

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 00:00

Children who live in walkable neighborhoods get 46 percent more physical activity than children who live in suburban areas that are designed for...

Century 21 Takes on Bobsledding

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 00:00

The brokerage giant announced that it will become the official sponsor of the USA Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, adding to its growing list of...

Mobile Real Estate Searches Exploding

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 00:00

A new survey shows that house hunters are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets for real estate searches. Find out when these tech-savvy...

What Ranks High with Luxury Homebuyers

Wed, 09/11/2013 - 00:00

Luxury consumers are often viewed as trendsetters. A new survey reveals what luxury homebuyers are looking for in homes today and how can you help...