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Updated: 4 min 13 sec ago

More Owners Remodel Using Credit

Tue, 03/24/2015 - 00:00

Home improvement spending is on track to exceed record highs this year, but how households are planning to fund all of those projects is showing...

5 Spring Home Buying Strategies

Tue, 03/24/2015 - 00:00

The spring home-buying season is looking to be more competitive than ever. Here are some tips for your clients on how to approach the competitive...

Solar Panels Can be a Deal Killer

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 00:00

More home owners are being lured into contracts for leasing solar panels. But they're finding it's creating problems when they go to sell...

Here's Where Hiring is on the Rise

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 00:00

Usually a hot housing market trails a hot job market. Could the same hold true for these booming employment centers? Find out the current job hot-...

Investors Gamble on Trophy Spec Homes

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 00:00

Some developers and investors are building multi-million dollar homes on spec, before a buyer is ever lined up. Their move could prove risky.

A Growth in Housing Counseling

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 00:00

"Seeing that more people are realizing the value of housing counseling is a sign that the next wave of home buyers will be better prepared to...

What Has Homebuilders Worried?

Mon, 03/23/2015 - 00:00

Homebuilding continues to lag behind pre-recession levels, even as the economy shows gains and buyer demand is high. Why are builders still so...

Are You Ready for IoT?

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

The arrival of the Internet changed the way we do business. But, tech watchers warn of another, equally disruptive technological change that has...

Foreclosure Rates Near a ‘Significant Milestone’

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

Nationwide foreclosure activity is on track to return to standard levels this year, according to a new report. 

More Than Half of Listings Are ‘Affordable’

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

Fifty-four percent of for-sale listings of existing homes on realtor.com® are within reach for a median-income household in the U.S.

Mortgage Rates Stay Low Heading Into Spring

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage continues to average below 4 percent – a positive sign launching into the spring home-buying season, Freddie...

Bidding Wars Return

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

Your buyers may face increased competition in their home purchase. Here's why they need to be prepared.

What You Need to Earn to Buy in 10 Cities

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

How far your money stretches in real estate greatly depends on where you live.

Why Age 61 Is Important to Real Estate

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

Age 61 is the tipping point for most Americans in real estate. Find out why.

Marketing E-Mails Your Clients Want to Click

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

How do you stay out of your customers' spam inbox? A new study reveals the e-mails that tend to get the highest click-through rates.

Mortgage Lenders Say Credit Is Easing

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

Lenders have high hopes for the next three months: They are expecting a big turnaround in mortgage demand and their profit margins.

Fed Sets the Stage for Rate Hikes

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

"Just because we removed the word 'patient' from the statement doesn't mean we're going to be impatient," says Federal...

Tips for Increasing a Home's Property Value

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

A few easy upgrades can get your clients' homes in top shape for the Spring selling season.


Home Values Tumble in Ferguson

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:00

Home values in Ferguson, Mo., have plummeted nearly 50 percent since Michael Brown's death, new housing data shows.

Mortgage Applications Slip Last Week

Wed, 03/18/2015 - 00:00

Despite a slight dip in interest rates, loan demand continues to fall, the Mortgage Bankers Association reports.