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Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines for Real Estate Professionals

November 15, 2012: 

The purpose of this fact sheet and suggested voluntary guidelines is to increase real estate professionals’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the potential money laundering risks surrounding real estate and enable them to identify practical measures to mitigate the risks.

FHFA Improves Note Sale Program

March 4, 2015: 

On March 2, 2015, The Federal Housing Finance Agency enhanced requirements for sales of non-performing loans by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the GSEs).

NAR Supports Employee-Assisted Housing Bill

March 4, 2015: 

Representative Nadia Velazquez has introduced H.R. 480, “Housing America’s Workforce Act”.

Rural Housing Direct Program Information

March 4, 2015: 

The Rural Housing Service wants to help low- and very low-income applicants who do not qualify for the Section 502 Guaranteed Loan Program by advising them about the Section 502 Direct Loan Program.

NAR Supports Manufactured Housing

March 4, 2015: 

Wording in the Dodd/Frank regulations have been used to require manufactured housing producers to register as mortgage brokers.