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Tell the EPA to Withdraw their Proposed Rule to Regulate Most Water Bodies

September 18, 2014: 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (The Corps) have issued a proposed rulemaking that redefines most water bodies as “waters of the U.S.,” which is a fundamental change to the Clean Water Act. If promulgated, this proposed regulation would place more water bodies under the authority of the EPA and the Corps, which would result in more time consuming and expensive permits, regulatory red tape, and less economic development in communities across the country.

Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines for Real Estate Professionals

November 15, 2012: 

The purpose of this fact sheet and suggested voluntary guidelines is to increase real estate professionals’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the potential money laundering risks surrounding real estate and enable them to identify practical measures to mitigate the risks.

The Broker Involvement Program Picks Up Momentum

October 28, 2014: 

When it comes to political advocacy and action, brokers have significant sway over their salespeople. In fact, 40 percent of responses to NAR’s federal calls for action come through the Broker Involvement Program, an initiative designed to engage brokers and their agents more significantly in national political action.

NAR's Push to Create More Broker-Focused Initiatives

October 28, 2014: 

REALTOR® Magazine to Boost Broker Content

Based in part on REALTOR® Magazine’s Young Professionals Network program, the magazine is rolling out a new Broker-to-Broker initiative at its website—articles and resources aimed directly at brokerage owners and managers. In addition to a timely content stream—which state and local associations may reprint or post on their social media channels—Broker to Broker will offer timeless ideas for sales meetings and profiles of successful brokers.

Successful Programs

October 28, 2014: 

Successful Programs