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What Is Information Central?

Information Central provides REALTORS® with useful information about the Association’s activities and resources. It offers member services, support for the REALTOR.org website, and industry/association research guidance to help you succeed.

17 knowledgeable and experienced information specialists are here to assist you. Information Central stays on top of all NAR's activities to give REALTORS® a central information source to “get smart quick.”

How Can They Help You?

Information Central answers an average of 12,000 calls and emails every month. Questions range from the basics like “What is my NRDS number?” or “What is my REALTOR.org username?” to more complex queries, such as “How does a cell phone tower impact property values?” or “What are the implications of impact fees on housing affordability?”

Information Central regularly assists REALTORS® and REALTOR® associations with inquiries regarding:

  • NAR events, programs, education, and research
  • REALTOR.org access and site navigation
  • Member records and membership information (NRDS)
  • REALTOR® Benefits
  • The REALTOR® Emeritus Program
  • Real estate industry research, statistics, and news
  • Access to NAR Library resources—virtual, physical, and archival
  • NAR products and services

Quality Assurance is an important aspect of the Association’s success. Information Central ensures each inquiry is completed efficiently, effectively, and professionally. Their tools allow them to track, survey, and garner statistics on the success of the Association’s interactions with members.

How Do You Reach Them?

Information Central can be reached by phone, email, text, web chat, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter.

These details are accessible on REALTOR.org’s Contact Us page.

Want More Information?

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