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No Association Left Behind

October 27, 2014: 

Another year is almost over, and what a year it has been.

Broker Summits

October 27, 2014: 

It’s all about educating and connecting with brokers.

Make Your Brokers Happy

October 27, 2014: 

Maybe you can’t please all of your members all of the time, but there are surefire ways to make your brokers happy.

Regulators Propose Tweaks to Flood Rules

October 24, 2014: 

Regulators released a joint proposed rule today that would require lenders to escrow flood insurance payments and eliminate mandatory insurance requirements for structures that are detached from a primary residence.

RPR Commercial: Pinpointing Target Audiences

October 22, 2014: 

When working with clients, REALTORS® are generally given specific criteria needed to support a business. RPR Commercial pinpoints the “right customers” based on a client’s needs. This analysis allows you, as a REALTOR®, to help your client find the best place to locate using various data to identify areas with a high volume of target customers for the business.

Technology Report: Printing Property

October 22, 2014: 

Don’t look now, but there’s a robot in your office. It’s your computer printer. Happy to print your spreadsheets, this familiar little robot now has cousins, strange new machines with far bigger jobs in mind. How big? Your next office building just might be built by one.