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Growing Up and Not Out: The Fiscal Benefits of Higher Density Development

November 20, 2014: 

Communities get more mileage — i.e. tax production per acre — from development in their more dense urban centers than development in their less dense suburban fringes because the land there is more highly utilized and highly valued.

What’s Behind the Fastest-Growing Suburban Cities in America?

November 20, 2014: 

Suburban cities are booming because they’re more than suburbs: they’re destinations for families and businesses.

The Rise of Multifamily Housing: Multiple-Family Residences are Dominating New Construction

November 20, 2014: 

A resurgence in new construction is happening across the country, but it’s not being fueled just by traditional home construction. Instead it’s multi-residential housing units leading the way in what may be a growing and potentially lasting trend in the 21st century.

Downtowns are Thriving Around the Country

November 20, 2014: 

According to census figures, downtowns have grown at a faster rate than the suburbs over the past four years. In 19 out of the country’s 51 largest metro areas, city center growth outpaced suburbs last year, a phenomenon dubbed “the great inversion” by some demographers. Figures show that many cities grew more in the nearly four years since the 2010 Census than they gained for the entire previous decade.

Shifting Patterns of Growth: Americans Return to Urban Life

November 20, 2014: 

The country’s population is shifting between regions, states and cities. This ebb and flow is changing the dynamics of American demographics.

NAR Funds Four Cases

November 19, 2014: 

NAR's Board of Directors approved the funding request recommendations made by the Legal Action Committee for four cases: two involving copyright infringement allegations against the owner of Neighborcity.com, and two cases against two Texas brokerages alleging infringement of the same patents.