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Business Tips: Convert Energy Savings into Cost Savings

January 6, 2015: 
  1. The easiest way to reduce cost – don't use it. Adjusting your energy schedules, even 15 minutes on your building start-up and shutdown, can save thousands of dollars a year.
  2. A kilowatt isn't a kilowatt – Energy prices vary throughout a 24 hour period.

Business Tips: Advice from the World of Coworking

January 6, 2015: 

You don't have to run a dedicated coworking space to take advantage of the new way people are working. Tons of small businesses, ranging from law firms to design studios to real estate offices, are leveraging empty desks for cash. Utilizing your excess workspace can off set real estate costs in a big way.

Business Tips: Three Common Expense Tracking Mistakes

January 6, 2015: 

Mileage Log: A common misconception is that you have to write down your beginning and ending odometer every time you get in and out of your car for business. An ending odometer at the end of December, which becomes the beginning odometer for the start of the new tax year, is all you need to know to have the total number of miles driven during the year. Your business mileage log only needs three things for each entry: 1) Date 2) Miles driven and 3) Description of the business purpose.

Advice: Five Ideas to Enrich Your Career

January 6, 2015: 

Some of you may be starting out in commercial real estate, while others have been in the industry for decades. As competition grows, no matter how successful any of us may be, there are ways to continue growing one’s career.

Enrichment: Affiliates in Action

January 6, 2015: 

Strengthen Your Expertise and Expand Your Network

Ask the Experts: A Q&A With NAR Commercial Policy Representative Staff

January 6, 2015: 

A Q&A with NAR's Commercial Policy Representative staff members, Erin Stackley and Stephanie Spear