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AE Profile: Financial Perspective with Nelson Janes

March 14, 2013: 

Having led four major REALTOR® associations (Philadelphia, Albuquerque, Sacramento, Las Vegas) in four very distinct markets over the past two decades, Nelson Janes brings a unique perspective to association financial management.

Technology: Budgeting Software Beyond Excel

March 14, 2013: 

As associations today strive to be more detailed and forthcoming with their financial statements, and members and leadership take a closer look at association spending, often the tried-and-true, if not tedious, Excel spreadsheets can’t cut it alone.

Law & Policy: How to Guard Against Employee Fraud

March 14, 2013: 

Employee theft can occur in different ways but often involves employees who have access to the funds as well as the responsibility for monitoring them. The fraud usually starts small and grows over the years—ranging from monetary theft to misuse of company resources.

My REALTOR® Party: Year of Accomplishments

March 14, 2013: 

“The goal is to make every REALTOR® association across America a campaign headquarters for home ownership and private property rights.” Those words from Dale Stinton, CEO, of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® may sound like a tall order, but the REALTOR® Party Initiative made significant progress in doing just that in its first year of operation.

Career: Prove Your Worth

March 14, 2013: 

Many association volunteer leaders think your job as AE is easy, and maybe you’re even overpaid. Yet, even if your board members value you, it’s still a good strategy to prove your worth every day.

AEC Chair Report: An Exciting Year Ahead

March 14, 2013: 

This will be a great year for real estate. Most of us are fortunate to work in real estate markets that are experiencing some growth. And our members are happy about that. Soon we will log more transaction units and volume per REALTOR® than we have seen for a long time.