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FHA Testifies Before House Committee

February 15, 2013: 

FHA Commissioner Carol Galante testified before the House Financial Services Committee last week. Her testimony focused on the critical role that FHA has been taking in the housing recovery.  She also acknowledged FHA's financial woes, and explained the variety of things FHA has been doing to stabilize the Fund.

Flood Insurance Update

February 15, 2013: 

On Jan. 1, 2013, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) began phasing out the rate subsidies for the vast majority of older properties. The 2012 Biggert-Waters law (which extended the NFIP for 5 years) requires that subsidized rates increase in steps of 25% per year until the affected owners are paying the full cost for flood insurance. Passage of this law was essential to ensure that all properties, including second/vacation homes, would continue to have access to comprehensive coverage under the NFIP.

Free Public Advocacy Campaign Materials for Associations

February 14, 2013: 

NAR offers free public advocacy campaign materials for associations.

Role of FHA

February 12, 2013: 

FHA has played a critical role in our nation’s economy in the last 5 years, a role it was exactly designed to fill. FHA has provided safe, affordable access to mortgage credit in a time when the private market abandoned housing finance. Instead, FHA stepped in during our housing crisis, and provided access to mortgage credit to millions of Americans who wanted to purchase homes.

U.S. Cities Top Global Investors' Lists

February 12, 2013: 

The Association of Foreign investors in Real Estate (AFIRE)'s annual survey puts U.S. cities at the top of its global investment list.

Add Lasting Value: Share Info to Evaluate Remodeling Jobs

February 12, 2013: 

Clients will remember and refer you when you provide concrete info to help them protect and grow the value of their home. Post on Facebook and Twitter these free articles from the REALTOR® Content Resource showing clients how to evaluate their home for such renovations.