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Take A Closer Look: How To Find Global Influences And Opportunities In Your Local Market

February 5, 2013: 

Any real estate agent with a long-term perspective knows that it makes good business sense to examine your market for segments that are expected to grow in the future, and begin investing your efforts to develop those segments now.

Finding Global Clients

February 5, 2013: 

Global clients can be found in every part of the U.S., including some surprising places. But for many agents who want to grow their global business, the biggest challenge is knowing how to find them.

The Next Wave Of Buyers: Prepare Now To Meet The Needs Of Multicultural Clients

February 5, 2013: 

Multicultural buyers have been important to the health of today’s housing market. Over the next decade, as more Baby Boomers put their homes on the market, and population shifts continue across the U.S., the role of multicultural buyers will become even more significant. Are you ready to sell to them now and grow your business with them in the future?

The Changing Face of America

February 5, 2013: 

The American melting pot has become more diverse than ever before, largely due to immigration from Latin America and Asia. What does this mean to real estate agents? If you are planning to stay in this business for another ten years or more, you should prepare now to serve a multicultural base of clients, no matter where you reside in the U.S.

The New American Melting Pot

February 5, 2013: 

While many news headlines about the 2010 Census have focused on population shifts and political implications—debates over where to redraw lines for voting districts—the message to real estate agents is loud and clear: the face of America is changing.

Professional Team Building: A Necessity In Global Markets

February 5, 2013: 

Every real estate transaction has its own set of challenges, with outside professionals playing a key role in advising your clients on legal, lending, and other matters. Agents cultivating business in global and multicultural markets may find themselves needing a wider range of professionals in law, finance and tax matters to deal with any special challenges that might arise with multicultural transactions.