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CFPB issues $500,000 RESPA Fine

May 30, 2014: 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced a consent agreement and $500,000 fine to a real estate firm for inadequate disclosure language in an affiliated business disclosure.

Introduction: Public Schools and the REALTOR®

May 30, 2014: 

Every real estate agent knows what surveys and studies confirm: The quality of public schools influences where people buy a home and what they pay for it. Regardless of whether they have children, buyers care about the reputation of the schools because they know that schools directly affect a community’s vitality as well as its property values. “The demand for homes is simply greater in neighborhoods with high quality public schools, and higher demand translates into higher home prices,” says REALTOR® Chris Wilson of Laurel, Mississippi.

How TRIA and 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges Protect Future Development

May 30, 2014: 

Unless Congress takes action, the “Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002,” (TRIA) expires at the end of 2014.

RPR Commercial - What's the Best Retail Business for a Location?

May 30, 2014: 

Whether consulting on investment opportunities, working with an economic development authority on a redevelopment project, or helping fill a vacant space for a building owner, RPR Commercial assists you in determining what businesses would be appropriate for a given location by looking at consumer spending data and seeing what business types are being underserved in the area.

The NAR REach® Class of 2014

May 30, 2014: 

Reaching out to commercial real estate.

Commercial Revitalization Through Placemaking

May 30, 2014: 

Placemaking, simply defined, is a way to transform a space where no one goes or avoids - i.e. a vacant lot - to a vibrant place where the community gathers and returns again and again, a farmer’s market, for example. NAR launched a Placemaking Initiative in 2013, introducing a Placemaking Guide, funding through a Placemaking Micro-grant and a series of educational webinars.