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REALTORS® Take Action: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

February 8, 2013: 

The village of Waterford’s downtown district has what some would call “good bones.” The Wisconsin village has lakes, rivers, green spaces and a well-traveled, state-maintained highway running through Main Street that makes the village of Waterford easily accessible.

But, as Mike VanderBunt, executive of the Lakes Area REALTORS® Association (LARA) notes, “it feels like an area that is not living up to its full potential.”

REALTORS® Take Action: REALTORS® Promote Sustainability and Smart Growth

February 8, 2013: 

The Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS® (NVAR) believes that building green and focusing on sustainability is important.

But the group, which represents 10,200 REALTORS®, will be the first to work hard to beat back any mandate for green requirements, no matter how big or small.

Meds & ED

February 8, 2013: 

Medical Centers can draw talent, spur development and revitalize an area


Beyond providing life-saving care and essential research, medical centers are being recognized as powerful economic engines that can drive the development of an entire region and revitalize core urban communities.

High-Tech Clusters

February 8, 2013: 

By Steve Wright

Are Science Developments In Harmony or Conflict with Smart Growth?


A high-tech software company wants to bring its company headquarters— and all the great-paying jobs and growth of the 21st century economy with it — to your town.

A research corridor already flush with good, clean jobs could expand to bring a top-flight Life Sciences Center and master-planned mixed use development into your area.

Attracting the Talent

February 8, 2013: 

The Creative Class Is Key to Current Economic Development Trends


In today’s evolving economy, the road to prosperity requires an on ramp for the creative class. This well-educated, highly skilled, well-paid group of people, who think for a living, will drive roughly half of all U.S. job growth through 2018, according to author and scholar Richard Florida.

Celebrating the Local

February 8, 2013: 

A community’s heritage and diversity spurs home-grown economic development


There was a time when cities and towns looked to developers and manufacturers and the service sectors to bring in jobs and to help revitalize the economy.