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Road Diets

January 4, 2013: 

Roads across the United States have been losing lanes and girth, but gaining multi-modal use, increasing safety and promoting businesses.

Building a Better Community...One Block at a Time

January 4, 2013: 

The “Build a Better Block” project bringing blighted areas of communities back to life by making streets more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly.

New Routes FOR Rural Roots

January 4, 2013: 

The need for rural transit, the challenges involved in delivering it and various places where it’s thriving.

TODs are Top Choice in the Market

January 4, 2013: 

TOD developments are generally holding their value better than other housing options.

High Speed Rail: High Costs Derail Development

January 4, 2013: 

America’s quest to build high speed rail may have gotten derailed in the last few years, but there are signs that it may be getting back on track.

Creative Funding

January 4, 2013: 

With federal funding lacking, how will local and state municipalities pay for roads and transit?