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February 1, 2013: 

Closing More Deals, More Quickly with eSignature Technology   

The commercial real estate market has been hit hard by the economy. Times like these give us opportunity – and reason – to look at our businesses and find ways to drive efficiency, reduce cost and close more deals, more quickly. Fortunately technology offers solutions to help commercial real estate agents and brokers be even savvier to succeed in this troublesome market.   

The Latest

February 1, 2013: 

NAR Midyear Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo

From May 9 – 14 in Washington D.C., REALTORS® from across the country, along with NAR staffers, will visit Congressional representatives to keep key industry messages top-of-mind with policy makers. The visits are just one initiative in the on-going advocacy efforts to help ensure passage of legislation that is favorable to the practice of real estate.

To see all advocacy efforts, visit: http://tinyurl.com/Hill2011

This Is Just A Drill, For Now

February 1, 2013: 

In a recent speech, I was asked about my perception of the then-current debt ceiling and deficit discussions. I mentioned that this “crisis” over the debt ceiling is like a tornado drill. When I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, each Monday at noon, the tornado sirens would scream across the city. The sky was clear, but school children were marched into the hall and told to sit down and face the wall. When the sirens stopped, the exercise was over and normal activity resumed. It was just a drill.


February 1, 2013: 

No More Catch-22!

Technology That Increases Your ROI On Building Proposals

Qualified listings are more important than ever; and when competing for listings, first impressions are golden. To succeed, commercial agents must prepare, present, and close at the highest level. The catch lies in the tremendous amount of time it takes to create a professional proposal presentation. For every hour of work on a proposal, you lose an hour of prospecting for more proposals.

Are Banks Lending?

February 1, 2013: 

It’s no secret that credit significantly decreased at the peak of the financial crisis in 2008. Just as certain areas of the U.S. economy are showing signs of a recovery, have lending conditions improved yet? Well, it really depends on whom you ask. Some banks say they have increased lending, while others say they would like to issue more loans, but there is little to no demand.

On the other hand, borrowers say they can’t obtain credit due to tighter underwriting standards and additional collateral requirements.

Niches and Strategies for the New Normal

February 1, 2013: 

Transaction volume for 2011 is way ahead of that in the preceding two years and could reach $200 billion this year, according to Real Capital Analytics. Yet deals are still few and far between for many commercial real estate practitioners.

The experience of Todd Clarke, CCIM, president of NM Apartment Advisors in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is typical. “Historically, half of my business came from transactions and the remainder from consulting,” he says.