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NAR Comments on FHA Interpretive Rule on Minimum Cash Investment Under the National Housing Act

January 4, 2013: 

On Dec. 28, 2012, NAR submitted comments to FHA on the interpretive rule regarding prohibited sources of minimum cash investment under the National Housing Act.

REALTOR® Associations Leading in Bringing Public Transportation to Their Communities

January 4, 2013: 

REALTOR® associations have long known that people frequently make housing choices based on proximity to transportation. That’s why REALTOR® associations across the country are educating about, and advocating for, public transportation.

Road Diets

January 4, 2013: 

Roads across the United States have been losing lanes and girth, but gaining multi-modal use, increasing safety and promoting businesses.

Building a Better Community...One Block at a Time

January 4, 2013: 

The “Build a Better Block” project bringing blighted areas of communities back to life by making streets more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly.

New Routes FOR Rural Roots

January 4, 2013: 

The need for rural transit, the challenges involved in delivering it and various places where it’s thriving.

TODs are Top Choice in the Market

January 4, 2013: 

TOD developments are generally holding their value better than other housing options.