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Senate Committee Conducts Hearing on Section 8 Reform

August 3, 2012: 

Last week the Senate Banking Committee convened a hearing on "Streamlining and Strengthening HUD’s Rental Housing Assistance Programs."

New Summary Explains the 3.8% Tax

August 3, 2012: 

NAR has prepared a new guide to explain in easy-to-understand language what REALTORS® need to know about the 3.8% tax and health care reform.

VA Loan Limits Reinstated, VA ARMs Made Permanent

August 3, 2012: 

President Obama is expected to soon sign a bill that will reinstate the higher VA loan limits, and will make the VA ARM programs permanent.

U.S. House Passes RESPA Home Warranty Clarification Act of 2011

August 2, 2012: 

The bipartisan legislation is designed to counter an erroneous Department of Housing and Urban Development interpretive rule that reversed decades of common understanding of RESPA.

Nashville REALTORS® Help Fuel the Future of Mass Transit

August 2, 2012: 

There is a popular saying that people in the South love their cars. That isn’t likely to change, but the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS® (GNAR), together with the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee, are working to ensure Nashville-area residents have more options when it comes to getting where they want to go.

REALTORS® Take Action Making Smart Growth Happen

August 2, 2012: 

Smart growth, which emphasizes walkability, higher density, and transportation access as ways to more effectively use land, is not a new concept.