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The Future AE Leaders

October 31, 2012: 

When Mark Epstein became the association executive of California’s 2,250-member Tri-Counties Association of REALTORS® in 2005, he was 33 years old.

Find Your Ideal Hire

October 31, 2012: 

Your association has big plans. Your new long-term strategic map details how you’ll improve relevancy with business-boosting education, a social engagement strategy, streamlined internal operations for better efficiency, and a robust online housing data system.

Are Your Bylaws Blocking Your Success?

October 31, 2012: 

Among the housekeeping Ryan Conrad, RCE, e-PRO®, started tackling at the Lehigh Valley Association of REALTORS®, Pa., when he took over as CEO in 2011 was a review of the bylaws.

Take Orientations Online

October 31, 2012: 

Like it or not, there are members who don’t want to meet you or set foot in your office. It’s not personal. Like many young people today, they just prefer to do everything online.

Don’t Just Communicate, Create a Dialogue with Social Media

October 31, 2012: 

Communicating with members via social media is commonplace among REALTOR® associations. The challenge now, association executives say, is to turn that typically one-way communication into two-way engagement.

Launch the Power of a Great YPN

October 31, 2012: 

You’ve recycled your leaders from the same pool for so long, you forget whose turn it is. Your board meetings don’t reflect the diversity of age, race, or gender of your general membership. You’ve developed the same stale strategic plan, with the same stale programs, every year. What you need are fresh ideas from young energized volunteer leaders.