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Missed the Code of Ethics Training Deadline? Look Here

January 3, 2013: 

Members who did not complete required Code of Ethics training before the Dec. 31, 2012, deadline will be suspended from membership by their local boards. While suspended, you can still access Realtor.org to satisfy your training, but other membership services and privileges are affected.

Suspended members have until March 1, 2013, to complete training before their membership is automatically terminated. For more information, contact your local board.

Access the online Code of Ethics training courses now.

Real Estate Provisions in “Fiscal Cliff” Bill

January 2, 2013: 

On Jan. 1 both the Senate and House passed H.R. 8, legislation to avert the “fiscal cliff.” The bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama on Jan. 2.

HUD Announces More Changes to FHA

December 20, 2012: 

In a letter to Senator Corker (R-TN) dated Dec.18, 2012,  FHA announced additional changes to "rebuild the reserves of the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund."

Five Steps Towards Achieving Data Security

December 18, 2012: 

In this digital economy, trust has taken on new dimensions that impact how real estate professionals collect, share, and most importantly, protect the information they use in their businesses. NAR recommends five steps to help keep data safe.

Discounted Registration to MIPIM Show for U.S. REALTORS®

December 18, 2012: 

Get 25-30% off your registration to MIPIM's annual international real estate trade show through NAR.

Achieve Data Security: Know the Laws

December 17, 2012: 

It is important for you to know which data security and privacy laws affect your business. Most states have enacted laws that require all businesses to keep personal information secure and to notify individuals in the event that security is breached. Real estate commissions in some states have enacted regulations pertaining to data security and document retention.