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The 10-Second Rule

May 24, 2012: 

One of the most common reasons that people find themselves in dangerous situations is that they weren’t paying attention. Take a few precious seconds during the course of your day to assess your surroundings.

Model Behavior for Staying Safe at Model Homes

May 24, 2012: 

Showing a model home can put you in a very vulnerable situation. Follow these four tips to help stay safe.

Fight Or Flight?

May 24, 2012: 

Consider the best response to a physical attack.

Parking Lot Safety

May 24, 2012: 

We spend a lot of time driving, and even doing work or making calls in our parked cars. As you travel from appointment to appointment, keep these tips in mind.

Safety Tips to Share With Sellers

May 24, 2012: 

The National Association of REALTORS® has worked hard to keep REALTOR® Safety foremost in everyone’s minds. But what about your clients? Share this valuable advice with everyone, and you’ll help them learn to protect themselves against crime.

Al Unser retires after 36 years

May 18, 2012: 

Al J. Unser, CAE, CEO of the Greater Tulsa Association of REALTORS®, retired in June after 20 years with the association.