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Realtor® Marks in Cyberspace

March 19, 2012: 

By Mike Thiel

While the rapid growth of membership has been a boon to the Realtor® organization, it has also presented challenges when it comes to membership obligation awareness. One such challenge has been educating members about the permissible ways to use the term Realtor® in their marketing efforts, especially online. After all, the use of the term Realtor® is a privilege of membership and is subject to the rules established by the National Association of Realtors®’ Board of Directors.

Fair housing: Liability for Your Association?

March 16, 2012: 

By Nan Roytberg

Could your association end up in court for publishing property listings in its MLS or on its Web site that inadvertently violate the Fair Housing Act? The answer
is yes. Here’s one cautionary tale, along with some words of wisdom.

Advance Workforce Housing Initiatives

March 13, 2012: 

Like many counties across America, Loudoun County, Virginia, is known for its thriving business environment and exceptional quality of life. Yet it faces a housing challenge that could dramatically change the future—and face—of this area.

Over the past several years, Loudoun County’s high-priced real estate market has rapidly exceeded the budgets of the county’s workforce—teachers, law enforcement officers, and retail workers. The average home price climbed from $280,696 in 2000 to $514,787 by the end of 2006.

FHFA Releases Details on Strategic Plan Implementation

March 12, 2012: 

On March 9, 2012, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA, the conservator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, or the GSEs) released details on the implementation of the new FHFA strategic plan through the use of a “2012 Conservatorship Scorecard”.

Freddie Mac Reinforces Deficiency Release Policy

March 12, 2012: 

On February 15, 2012, Freddie Mac released an update to its servicing guide, reinforcing the requirement that servicers must waive all rights to seek deficiencies for short sale and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure transactions on Freddie Mac Mortgages.

FHFA Inspector General Reports on Mortgage Servicing Supervision

March 12, 2012: 

On March 7, 2012, the Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector General (FHFA-OIG) released a report on FHFA’s supervision of Freddie Mac.