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March 1, 2008

by Ken Wysocky

For increasing numbers of members, a printed newsletter or magazine is the technological equivalent of rune-covered stone tablets. Boring. That’s why increasing numbers Realtor® associations, are slowly turning to audio podcasts and online videos to offers members more interesting and convenient ways to consume association information.
March 1, 2008

by Carolyn Schwaar

If terms like Facebook, MySpace, or ActiveRain aren’t buzzwords in your office yet, here’s the scoop.

In recent years, Realtors® have joined these networking Web sites in droves to market themselves, connect with potential customers and fellow Realtors®, and obtain leads, mainly by driving traffic to their own sites. These networking sites have been called a back channel, where members communicate with others on a more causal basis for peer-to-peer learning and sharing.

So why would associations join?
March 1, 2008

by Isham R. Jones

Hosting a blog can be an extremely effective vehicle for communicating with your members and the public. Like virtually any other business-related activity, however, hosting a blog creates the potential for legal liability for your association. Although the National Association of Realtors® is not aware of a state or local Realtor® association that has been sued over the content of a blog, here are some ways to significantly reduce your risk.

Them’s Fightin’ Words
January 1, 2008

Have the right association legal counsel at the ready.
By Katherine Raynolds

“Have you been injured and are in need of an attorney, but don’t know how to find the right one? We can help.” That quote may have been taken right out of a late-night commercial for personal-injury attorneys, but it may also be relevant to you. If your association doesn’t obtain adequate legal counsel when necessary, it may be seriously injured.
January 1, 2008

by Ryan J. Tucholski, RCE, AE of the 930-member Lakeland Association of Realtors®, Fla.

The first question you ask yourself when incorporating new technology may be, “What do Generation X and Y members want?” If the answer is daily RSS feeds of association news and education schedules delivered through iPhones, will you be ready?
January 1, 2008


If you’re facing an HR issue, you’re not alone! Welcome to your new HR Connection column. This is one of the many new services being offered by HR Connection, NAR’s Human

Resource Services for AEs. Send your HR- related questions to hrconnection@realtors.org. Selected questions will be answered in each issue of Realtor® AE magazine. This column addresses your questions on job descriptions.

What can I do to help my association staff do their jobs better?
January 1, 2008

** NOTE: There will be no contest in 2009. It will return again in 2010.

Best of the Web, 2008
This Year’s Winners Excel in Innovation and Communication

Winner: Outstanding Design Feature
North Texas Real Estate Information Systemshttp://www.ntreis.net
January 1, 2008

Chances are, your association budget, like so many others’, got a little fat during the real estate boom years. Soaring memberships filled reserves and funded a range of new programs and services. But now, in the midst of a market correction in many areas, some associations find now is the time to prepare a leaner budget.