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June 1, 2005

Everyone wins when staffers have authority to make customer service decisions and solve problems.
June 1, 2005

The Power to Serve
Everyone wins when staffers have authority to make customer service decisions and solve problems.By Julie SturgeonA Complaint Is an Opportunity
Find out what's working, what's not, and make people happy along the way.By Janet Edwards
June 1, 2005

By F.P. Maxson

A member calls to report that a prospective buyer is behaving suspiciously during a property showing; do you warn the membership? You hear of a toxic spill near properties listed in the MLS; should you alert the listing brokers?
March 1, 2005

Features:What’s Your Tech Investment?
Nearly 300 associations participated in the association technology survey and reveled how they use technology and the challenges still to overcome.Tomorrow’s Tech Tools 
February 8, 2005

by F.P. Maxson

What services should consumers expect from a real estate brokerage? A number of states have begun taking legal and legislative action to answer this question.
January 1, 2005

Whether you want to know about the latest mobile communications gadgets to hit the market or you want to read up on the latest issues facing MLSs, REALTOR.org has the resources you need. Here are tools to keep you up-to-date on technology and the Web:

1. Web Wizards: These special reports look at new technologies and their impact on the real estate industry.

2. Field Guides: One-stop reference points on hot topics such as Technology for AEs, Redesigning Association Web Sites, and Choosing and Using a PDA.
January 1, 2005

Those were the days. Our members had to join associations based on the location of their office. We could raise dues as much as we liked, whenever we liked. We could tell members what they wanted and needed. We could charge huge application fees and be as rude and nasty to members as we wanted. Customer service was the last thing on our minds. Then in 1994 Board of Choice (BOC) happened, and those days were gone forever.
January 1, 2005

January 1, 2005

by Carolyn Schwaar

Whether it's to attract participation, influence activity, or create an impression, each association has its proven ways of reaching out to members.

Attract Members & Volunteers

Create a Mentor Program
Enlisting experienced members to support new members is a great way to get both generations involved in the association.
January 1, 2005

By Paul Beakley

Have you tapped your Web site’s revenue-generating potential? Many associations are enjoying a steady stream of non-dues revenue by offering banner advertising on their association Web sites and MLS public home-search sites.