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Realtors® Call for Broad Qualified Mortgage Definition to Help Consumers and Housing Market

April 13, 2012: 

On Friday, April 13, NAR joined a broad coalition of lenders, investors, housing professionals, consumer advocates and civil rights groups, in sending a letter to Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, urging for a broadly defined Qualified Mortgage (QM) that covers a wide range of traditionally safe products and underwriting criteria.

Welcome to my.realtor.org

April 12, 2012: 

April 12, 2012

Today marks a milestone for NAR on the web. With the launch of this new site, we’re shifting the focus to you, the member. We’re calling the site my.realtor.org, because it’s your experience that counts. We believe that you should control what you want to see, and where you want to see it, and we’ve taken significant steps to make that happen.

You can customize my.realtor.org

Now you can customize the homepage with the topics and areas that you find most valuable to you.

Here’s how:

Exactly How Do You Create Viral Content?

April 12, 2012: 

You’ve probably heard it said more than once, “You need to create viral content in order to bring more traffic to your site.” But that’s really easier said than done. While often these videos can seem like just a good laugh, they do bring about brand awareness.

Bank of America Implements Short Sales Change

April 11, 2012: 

On April 14, 2012, Bank of America will implement new procedures for completing short sale transactions through the Equator platform. With the continued development of its online transaction portal to communicate with borrowers and authorized 3rd party advisors, Bank of America has taken steps to reduce the amount of time to complete short sales by performing underwriting and valuation tasks while agents collect required documentation.

Illinois Value of Membership Videos Win National Award

April 11, 2012: 

A series of YouTube videos created by the Illinois Association of REALTORS® to promote its services, resources, and tools for REALTORS®, won an EXCEL Award of excellence in June from Association Media & Publishing, formerly known as the Society of National Association Publications. View the videos at www.youtube.com/illinoisrealtor.

Federal Appeals Judge Scraps EPA Veto, Agrees with NAR on Mountaintop Coal Mine

April 9, 2012: 

April 9, 2012: U.S. EPA overstepped its authority when it vetoed a Clean Water Act permit issued for a sprawling mountaintop-removal coal mining project in West Virginia, a federal judge ruled today.