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AE-on-the-Street Report from 2011 AEI

April 1, 2011: 

If you attended the AE Institute in Dallas earlier this year, you learned plenty about today’s challenges in the industry, along with some solutions from AEs and others. I took the opportunity to survey AEs I encountered in the halls, on the elevator, and seated next to me at lunch with one vital question:

What’s your main challenge today and what are you doing about it?

Here’s what they had to say:

CEOs are Not Always CIOs

April 1, 2011: 

As technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives and in businesses, CEOs are expected to navigate the virtual business world as expertly as they navigate the physical one. But make no mistake: The CEO should not be the CIO (chief information officer).

The extent to which an executive is involved with the technology side of a business varies depending on the industry, but one fact remains true across all industries: The CEO is there to run the business, not the Twitter account.

24 of the best advertising and marketing pieces from REALTOR® associations nationwide

April 1, 2011: 

It’s not easy to attract the attention of busy REALTORS®. Associations must flex every creative muscle to produce promotional and advertising materials that will engage and inform.

REALTOR® AE asked associations to submit their best advertisements, flyers, event brochures, and other marketing materials to our 2011 competition. The result was more than 65 terrific pieces. Judges chose three outstanding examples and 21 favorites.

Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

Data Security & Privacy

April 1, 2011: 

Does your state have data security laws that your association must follow? Does your state regulate what businesses must do in the event of a security breach? Does your state have laws requiring you to properly dispose of personal information or implement a written data security program? It very well could.

Virtual AEs, Actual Success

March 1, 2011: 

The days when REALTORS® sat behind desks waiting for potential clients to drop in are long gone. Today, REALTORS® work from home, from their cars, from Starbucks . . . anywhere. Now, many AEs are following in their members’ footsteps.

RAE spoke with several virtual and semi-virtual AEs about the benefits and challenges of office-less association management.

Where virtual works

Blending Resources: Association mergers and partnerships

January 1, 2011: 

Elements of a Successful Merger
By Jerry Matthews

Recessions force associations to cut costs, change philosophies, or alter their structures to stay afloat. Often this means acquiring, merging, or cooperating with other companies to remain viable.
• Why We Merged: AE Survey Results
• REALTOR® Association Mergers: 2000–2010
• Alternatives to Mergers
• Three Issues That Can Derail a Merger

AEC Chair Report
I have realistic optimism.
By Steve Francks