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Better Advocacy Through Technology

January 1, 2011: 

by Masha Zager

It shouldn’t be surprising that government affairs directors love social media. After all, their jobs involve persuading other people to act. From LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter, social media and other communication technologies are amplifying GADs’ voices, helping them reach more REALTORS®, elected officials, and even members of the general public.

AE Profile: Teresa King Kinney

January 1, 2011: 

Making Merger History

Elements of a Successful Merger

January 1, 2011: 

by Jerry Matthews

Recessions change businesses, forcing them to cut costs, change philosophies, or alter their structures to stay afloat. Often this means acquiring, merging, or cooperating with other companies to remain viable.

Associations face the same challenges: pressures of inconsistent revenue, changing member needs, growing consumer demands, and evolving technology. All of these factors are forcing them to consider options for better serving their members, including consolidation.

How and Why to Get Members Elected

January 1, 2011: 

Thousands of REALTORS® serve as elected and appointed officials in posts government bodies from county planning commissions to the U.S. Senate. The benefits to the real estate industry are clear, but what about the advantages to REALTOR® associations? Should you encourage members to run for office? The REALTOR® association government affairs pros we spoke to answered with a resounding yes.

Benefits of Sharing

January 1, 2011: 

Mergers aren’t for everyone. Often there’s no overarching reason or desire to merge, but there is a middle ground. I’d bet any association could find at least one program, service, or event that would benefit from collaboration with another REALTOR® association.

Curb Merger Job Stress

January 1, 2011: 

In his 25 years of executive recruiting for associations, Leonard Pfeiffer has placed CEOs into the top spots at dozens of new associations and MLSs created out of mergers. Here, he offers his advice to AEs facing the career uncertainty of a merger.