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Right Vendor, Right Price

January 1, 2010: 

Economic uncertainty has driven most associations to embrace the mantra “do more with less,” which makes this the perfect time to re-evaluate vendor relationships and ensure that you are getting the best, at the best value. The best way I’ve found to select the right service vendor is through the request for proposal (RFP) process. Although it is most often associated with government procurement procedures, don’t let the idea of an RFP put you off.

Contents Summer 2010

January 1, 2010: 



Yes, Anyone Can Innovate
Learn to meet more demands with fewer resources, adapt old offerings to serve new needs, and use your existing organization to lead a changing industry.
By Masha Zager

Game Changers Program Profiles
Breakthrough product & service ideas for an industry in which the game will never be the same.
By Carolyn



Chair Report
Motivation, key to creativity
By Dave Phillips, RCE, CAE, AEC


A Tale of Two CEOs

January 1, 2010: 

Association executive Jim was on a rare vacation, enjoying a break from the rain and snow of New England with his family in Hawaii. Then his cell phone rang on Jan. 2. The chair of his board needed to meet with Jim that Thursday; it was important, Jim’s assistant explained. So he left his family and flew East.

Expertise Builds Trust

January 1, 2010: 

Expertise Builds Trust

by Melynn Sight

One of the most effective things you can do to develop trust as an association executive is demonstrate a personal commitment to your own ongoing education and professional development. You want your members, leadership, and staff to think of you as an AE who is on top of the latest strategies, trends, and technology in association management.

Capture Your E-Audience

January 1, 2010: 


From what colors attract the most readers to where a person’s eyes go while reading an e-mail, communication technology experts are constantly studying how to best capture and maintain interest. Here are eight tips, backed up by new research, that can help you make your electronic communications even more effective.

Motivation: Key to Creativity

January 1, 2010: 

A motivated workforce is a creative workforce. However, innovation and creativity cannot exist in an atmosphere of apathy. Over the past few years, many REALTOR® associations have been very motivated by the desire to survive as membership has declined. This motivation helped us all become more creative, as the Game Changer programs show (see p.14). What’s the saying? “Necessity is the mother of invention.” It sure is. In these difficult times, we have found new ways to cut costs, provide services, and help members.