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Publications Go Digital

September 1, 2009: 

By Masha Zager

As REALTOR® associations watch their advertising revenues dwindle, many face a tough choice: support their magazines with membership dues or radically trim the publication schedule. Neither option is appealing. In today’s economy, most associations are looking to reduce dues-funded activities, not add to them. And no one wants to curtail publications, which are among the most useful and popular association benefits.

Leadership in Challenging Times

June 1, 2009: 

By Masha Zager

The economic downturn presents challenges that many REALTOR® association executives have never faced before: declining membership, budget shortfalls, and members who may need more help just when some associations are least able to provide it.

5 Inspirational REALTOR® Leaders

June 1, 2009: 

by Carolyn Schwaar

Leadership Under the Law: Ensure your board knows its fiduciary duties.

June 1, 2009: 

by Ralph Holmen

Surely your members understand their fiduciary duty to their clients, but do they understand that they also have a fiduciary duty to the association when they assume a leadership role? Furthermore, do they fully recognize that they have legal obligations in the way they carry out their responsibilities?

Here we provide an overview of fiduciary duties so association leaders and executives can ensure that they satisfy those obligations.

1. What kind of legal duties do elected association officers and directors have?

Just Blog, You’ll Like It: What I learned from my personal blog.

March 1, 2009: 

By Cindy Butts, RCE, CAE, CEO of the Maine Association of REALTORS®.

I was terrified that blogging would only bring problems: My staff and officers would hate what I wrote or a random regrettable thought would exist for eternity. And besides, there isn’t any extra time to do it.

But nearly two years later, I’ve written 400 posts about work, life, and association management on a personal blog (http://cindyae.blogspot.com) and developed a multiauthor blog for my own association.

Blogging at Work

March 1, 2009: 

By Katherine Raynolds, staff attorney with the National Association of Realtors® in Chicago.

It’s time to draft a policy for regulating employee use of blogs, chats, and social networks.