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22 benefits of membership for your value statement

July 1, 2011: 

Combine these with specifics about your association’s unique benefits, charity work, discounts, and services, including home tours, state-run legal or technology hotlines, your homes magazine, the REALTOR® member roster, and the public side of your MLS, to create a convincing value statement.

Getting It Done: Leadership & Outreach

June 1, 2011: 

16 steps to finding a life-changing mentor

Whether it’s your state AE, a neighboring AE, another business leader in your community, or someone you find online, experienced professionals are typically thrilled to be asked to share their advice. Here are some tips on securing a mentor and ensuring a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Getting It Done: Management & People Skills

June 1, 2011: 

5 things REALTOR® AEs need to know to effectively manage

Getting It Done: Resources & Facts

June 1, 2011: 

Show me the money


Full-time REALTOR® association chief staff executives’ average annual base salary, 2010:

Median AE salary by association size, 2010:
Small: $26,000
Medium: $62,400
Large: $125,000
Mega: $160,000

Average 2010 REALTOR® association income & expenses

Small associations
(fewer than 500 members)
Dues revenue: $71,763
Non-dues revenue: $75,811
Expense budget: $150,046

Summer 2011 News

June 1, 2011: 

Data Fields to Lure More Buyers
MLSs eye tools to supplement property data with extras

Beyond square footage and curb appeal, financing holds considerable sway with home buyers looking to make a purchase. In today’s market, buyers are particularly interested in which federal, state, or community housing assistance programs they qualify for, as well as which special bank financing programs are available to them. 

Clayton Awarded Magel

June 1, 2011: 

Gary Clayton, RCE, CAE, CEO,
Illinois Association of REALTORS®.

Gary Clayton, RCE, CAE, CEO of the Illinois Association of REALTORS®, is this year’s recipient of the William R. Magel Award of Excellence, which honors an individual who has truly excelled
in his or her role as an association executive.