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Communication Success Stories Posted

January 1, 2011: 

The AE Committee’s “Next Generation Communications Workgroup” recently launched online a group of innovative communication initiatives from REALTOR® associations across the country.

Marketing Tips with Karen Bebart, NAR’s Managing Director, Marketing NAR Boosts Brand Value with New Logos

January 1, 2011: 

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ marketing department manages and maintains the association’s branding and graphic standards.

Sample Employee Manual Available

January 1, 2011: 

AEs: NAR has developed a sample employee manual that can be tailored to your organization. The manual includes policies on electronic communications and social media, harassment, alcohol and drug abuse, privacy, and safety. Be sure to have the manual reviewed by your legal counsel to ensure it complies with state law.

Bar Code Yourself

January 1, 2011: 

Regarded as the missing link between the real world and the Internet, these bar codes (which deliver up to 4,026 characters of text or link to a Web page when photographed by a mobile phone) are steadily becoming mainstream.

Small Board: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

January 1, 2011: 

by Carolyn Schwaar

Pooling resources can be cost-effective and joint events can be convenient, but even in today’s weak economy, many small-association AEs cite a wide variety of reasons not to merge.

REALTOR® associations of all sizes have had to rethink their goals and identity in the face of challenging economic times. For many associations with fewer than 500 members, this has resulted in a reaffirmation of the importance of their small-board characteristics.

Briefing: AE news, Winter 2011

January 1, 2011: 

NAR Ramps Up Global Focus

New NAR outreach program for local associations complements REALTOR.com’s new international features.

More than $66 billion in U.S. residential real estate was sold to foreign buyers and recent immigrants in 2009, which represents 7 percent of the overall housing market, according to research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®