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Find Your Best Hire Online

January 1, 2010: 

Ten years ago, if you needed a new receptionist, you put an ad in the local paper. If you needed a government affairs director, maybe you hired a recruiter. Today, the Internet gives you even more avenues—from social networking sites to niche job boards—to easily, and inexpensively, reach a wide pool of qualified candidates. But if you don’t take some precautions, finding someone to work for you may be more work than you bargained for.

Benefits of posting your job online

Embrace the New Openness

January 1, 2010: 

The annual technology issue of REALTOR® AE magazine is one of my favorites. It’s exciting to see what AEs and associations are up to in the ever-changing arena of technology. It is also a little scary to think about how cyberspace has opened our lives, and our associations, up to the world. Our personal privacy, much less our association’s privacy, is an illusion.

Today’s New Transparency

January 1, 2010: 

The theme of this issue, “trust,” is very timely. Every association executive I know is experiencing increased scrutiny from members. In tough times, we all pay more attention to the value we receive for every dollar we spend. Members want great value from their professional association. And, let’s face it, they are naturally skeptical of the organization. Members expect the leaders of the association to earn their trust.

Housing Expos Aim to Educate

January 1, 2010: 

Through the gloom of default notices, short sales, and foreclosures, there is also the light of first-time homebuyers and investors who are hungry for useful advice and practical tips. And who better to bring this information to consumers than REALTOR® associations, says Philip Tedesco, CEO of the Tucson Association of REALTORS®.

AE Profile: A Q&A with Chris Carrillo

January 1, 2010: 

MLSs Fight for Relevance

Chris Carrillo, CEO of the 4,000-member CRIS Regional MLS in northeast Ohio, has been in the MLS industry for more than 10 years. He keeps his organization strong by staying ahead of trends, but increasingly, he says, relevancy is becoming an MLS’s biggest battle.

Leadership in the Family

January 1, 2010: 

Real estate is very often a family business, so it's no wonder that members of the same family participate in REALTOR® association leadership. Husbands and wives, parents and their children—even grandchildren—often take turns as association president. For AEs, this can be an advantage or a challenge.