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Mobile Apps as a Member Service

September 1, 2010: 

By Carolyn Schwaar

From their iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Androids, real estate professionals are accessing listing data, market reports, virtual tours, and interactive maps. They can even use their iPhones as a lockbox key and buy a latté at Starbucks with their Android. In fact, nearly all REALTORS® under 40 (93 percent) use smart phones to conduct real estate business, according to a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS’ Center for REALTOR® Technology.

So how are you reaching and serving members through their smart phones?

Why a Statewide MLS?

September 1, 2010: 

A Q&A with Cameron M. Paine, CEO of the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service and author of the white paper "How to Build a Statewide MLS (Or, Order from Chaos)." Who would benefit most from a statewide MLS?

ADA Compliance Matters

September 1, 2010: 

By Lesley M. Walker

Small Board: Discover Mediation

June 1, 2010: 

by Howard Thomas

Like many of the other small association AEs sitting in the mediation program at the April AE Institute, I had heard of mediation for member disputes, but I didn’t know much about it.

Then Lynn Cohn, director of the program on negotiation and mediation at Northwestern University School of Law, opened my eyes to a better way to settle my members’ disputes, one that can save relationships and reputations, as well as time and money.

Law & Policy: A Win for Free Speech

June 1, 2010: 

by Ralph Holmen

Incorporated REALTOR® associations have a constitutional right to engage in political speech, according to a January 2010 Supreme Court decision. As a result, associations may distribute to the general public communications supporting or opposing political candidates. Previously, corporations, including incorporated associations and labor unions, had to form political action committees (PACs) funded solely by individual and voluntary contributions, in order to create and distribute these types of communications.

Click “OK” to Agree

March 1, 2010: 

by Katherine Raynolds

Did you read the 18 sections of the Facebook terms of service before joining? Probably not. Social networking platforms, Web-based e-mail, and other services, such as iTunes, Flickr, and YouTube, all have terms of service. And, for the most part, these terms are non-negotiable. If you want to use the service, you must agree to the terms.