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New Balancing Act

January 1, 2007: 

“Balance” is probably the biggest single challenge association executives face—balancing staff with elected leadership; programs, activities, and services with member-demographic needs; and the different personalities and priorities of members on our committees. Without the right balance in each area, committees will not meet their goals, staff or members will become frustrated with each other, and, most important, the services the association offers will suffer.

Balancing Generations in Leadership

January 1, 2007: 

Bridging the Age Gap
How can AEs overcome multigenerational issues and create synergy among four generations of members?

E-mail Newsletter Success Story

January 1, 2007: 

By Deanna Devey

Keeping your association’s electronic newsletter out of virtual trash bins is a constant challenge. Eager to rise above the din of cramped inboxes, the Utah Association of Realtors® recently focused on improving the quality of our weekly e-newsletter’s content. We started by shifting away from association-centric news and focused instead on providing Realtors® with local real estate stories, information, and tips.

Quality Certified

January 1, 2007: 


From books on Amazon to sellers on eBay, Web-savvy consumers have become ratings happy. And why shouldn’t they be? What better way to make an informed purchase than to read reviews from like-minded consumers? The review frenzy is not limited to goods, either. More and more consumers are looking for positive reviews to bolster their belief that they’re hiring the best architect, plumber, or (ahem) real estate practitioner.

Balancing Member Expectations in a Shifting Market

January 1, 2007: 

By Bridget Mccrea

Membership Stability
What can you do to help your association keep members happy and stay relevant as the housing market continues to stabilize?

The past five years have been a whirlwind for many association executives. The housing market was pumping, home appreciation was high, and sales were skyrocketing. Buyers were out in full force and membership numbers soared.

More Realtors® Get Politically Active

January 1, 2007: 

Since its launch in January 2006, NAR’s grassroots contact software has helped more than 200 state and local associations improve their advocacy activities and get more members involved in political action.