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Push Is On to Pass Health Plan Bill

January 1, 2005: 

Associations take grassroots action to keep the pressure on lawmakers to pass the Small Business Health Fairness Act.

State and local associations are following the National Association of Realtors¨' lead in turning up pressure on their congressional representatives to support the Small Business Health Fairness Act, H.R. 525/S.406. The legislation would give independent contractors--the largest segment of real estate practitioners--access to affordable group health insurance.

Sending Hope to Hurricane Victims

January 1, 2005: 

Hurricane relief efforts nationwide show the dedicated spirit and housing know-how of the Realtor® community.

Executives at state and local Realtor® associations mobilized their staff quickly to coordinate relief efforts for survivors after Hurricane Katrina hit in late August.

Polish Your Public Image

January 1, 2005: 

by Paul Beakley

Public Awareness: associations are building on NAR's national efforts to CRAFT Local Image Campaigns.

Around the country, associations large and small are building on the momentum of NAR's national awareness campaign, using local radio, print media, and television to put their own spin on things.

Masters of Change

January 1, 2005: 

This issue of RAE magazine is all about change and addressing issues like, What will associations look like in five years?

What will we look like in five years? Personally, I’m concentrating on growing hair and finding my cheekbones.

Identity Crisis: Logo Redo

January 1, 2005: 

Like any business, associations often struggle with their identity. Are they projecting a strong image to members? Do members understand what they do and offer? Is their role as "the voice for real estate" getting through to members and consumers?

Make E-Mailing Easier

January 1, 2005: 

More associations that rely on e-mail communication with members are finding that their messages are being blocked, bounced, or filtered as spam.

As associations begin eliminating paper communications and moving important functions such as voting, education, and meetings to an online environment, the problem with blocked e-mails is causing great concern. After all, how can Realtors® and consumers make the move toward online transactions when they can’t even ensure that e-mail is being delivered?