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Remember Life Before Board of Choice?

January 1, 2005: 

Those were the days. Our members had to join associations based on the location of their office. We could raise dues as much as we liked, whenever we liked. We could tell members what they wanted and needed. We could charge huge application fees and be as rude and nasty to members as we wanted. Customer service was the last thing on our minds. Then in 1994 Board of Choice (BOC) happened, and those days were gone forever.

Outreach Issue

January 1, 2005: 


Avenues of Influence

January 1, 2005: 

by Carolyn Schwaar

Whether it's to attract participation, influence activity, or create an impression, each association has its proven ways of reaching out to members.

Attract Members & Volunteers

Create a Mentor Program
Enlisting experienced members to support new members is a great way to get both generations involved in the association.

Big Bucks in Banner Ads

January 1, 2005: 

By Paul Beakley

Have you tapped your Web site’s revenue-generating potential? Many associations are enjoying a steady stream of non-dues revenue by offering banner advertising on their association Web sites and MLS public home-search sites.

11 Ways to Encourage Members to Donate to Tsunami Relief

January 1, 2005: 

Associations are proving to be the backbone in the fundraising efforts for the REALTOR® Tsunami Relief Project. Already, NAR is nearing its goal of $1 million to be donated to Habitat for Humanity International for the construction of REALTOR® Villages. (Read more)

So how are they doing it? Below are just some of the ways associations are getting those checks rolling in and making the REALTOR® Tsunami Relief Project a success.

What your association can do to boost contributions to the REALTOR® Tsunami Relief Project:

AE Designation Boom

January 1, 2005: 

by Candy Roberts

RCE fever peaked in 2004 as a record number of association executives obtained their Realtor association Certified Executive designation. Last year, 42 AEs and staff specialists earned their RCE. That's the highest number since 1991, the first year of the program, when 39 AEs earned the designation.