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Lobbying Success: Best practices of Realtor® association lobbyists any association can adopt.

June 1, 2007: 

By Bridget McCrea

The life of a lobbyist is one that not many people understand. Charged with persuading members of the government to enact legislation that would benefit their group—in this case the associations of Realtors®—lobbyists spend their days attempting to influence the outcome of legislation or administrative decisions.

Local Political Action: Start Here

June 1, 2007: 

A government affairs program that rallies members to take a stand on local issues isn’t just for state or large associations.

Picking a Winner: Which candidate should you back with your association’s support and money?

June 1, 2007: 

By C. Warren Wakeland

They’re Democrats and Republicans, they’re independents and social conservatives, they’re environmentalists and, sometimes, even Realtors®. The people we elect to make laws affecting our communities are as varied as the places we call home. But when it comes to gaining the backing of Realtor® associations, they must have one thing in common: support for the Realtor® organization’s political position.

Legal Update: Tax Status Risks

June 1, 2007: 

By Nan Roytberg
Association executives are always looking for new services to offer their members. But what if that next great idea turns into your worst nightmare . . . the loss of your association’s tax-exempt status?

This can happen if you run afoul of the “no inurement” provisions of section 501(c)(6) of the IRS code. This article will give you an overview of some complex laws as well as the tools to help you recognize when that great new program idea needs to be cleared by your association attorney or tax advisor.

Overloading Members with Too Much E-Mail?

March 1, 2007: 

By Carolyn Schwaar

Do you overburden your members with e-mail? This convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with members is often overused, associations report, to the extent that members block association e-mail and plead to be opted-out. So what’s the critical balance between keeping members informed and overloading their inboxes?

Bundle Your Message

Dual Roles of the MLS: MLS Expectations

March 1, 2007: 

By David Staebler

Once a factual tool shared by brokers, MLSs recently have been called upon to reach a new audience—consumers. Can MLSs maintain the integrity of their traditional role while simultaneously evolving as a marketing tool?