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Write for Newbies

March 1, 2008: 

By Melynn Sight

Communicating with new members—especially young members—can seem like a challenge given that they’re busy, used to getting their information from the Internet, and aren’t familiar with the value of your offerings. How do you ever get those young members’ attention, let alone make sure that your messages will be effective enough to encourage continued membership?

Master Multimedia: Associations combine traditional print media with audio and video to get the word out.

March 1, 2008: 

by Ken Wysocky

For increasing numbers of members, a printed newsletter or magazine is the technological equivalent of rune-covered stone tablets. Boring. That’s why increasing numbers Realtor® associations, are slowly turning to audio podcasts and online videos to offers members more interesting and convenient ways to consume association information.

Making Connections: Associations explore the frontier of social media

March 1, 2008: 

by Carolyn Schwaar

If terms like Facebook, MySpace, or ActiveRain aren’t buzzwords in your office yet, here’s the scoop.

In recent years, Realtors® have joined these networking Web sites in droves to market themselves, connect with potential customers and fellow Realtors®, and obtain leads, mainly by driving traffic to their own sites. These networking sites have been called a back channel, where members communicate with others on a more causal basis for peer-to-peer learning and sharing.

So why would associations join?