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MLS OUTLOOK: The future of the MLS

January 1, 2006: 

By G.M. Filisko



Privately owned? Association-owned? Regional? National?Which Multiple Listing Service model has the best chance of becoming the MLS of the future in America?

Virtual Events: Web-based Conventions

January 1, 2006: 

By Masha Zager

Is a virtual trade show for you? Thanks to a growing variety of virtual-event software vendors, a more receptive (and time-crunched) audience, and statistics that show
massive time and money savings for exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees alike, virtual events are becoming viable options for associations.

Mentors Tell All

January 1, 2006: 

By Kelly Quigley

Reading books and taking classes go only so far in preparing you to be an association executive. The most valuable career guidance comes from successful colleagues who’ve been in the profession long enough to put things into perspective. Here, recipients of the prestigious William R. Magel Award of Excellence share wisdom with those fresh to the field of Realtor® association management.

Learn & Grow: Be a Better AE

January 1, 2006: 

By Carolyn Schwaar

Continuing education isn’t just for members. Whether you’re just starting out in association management or you’ve been doing it for decades, professional development keeps your skills sharp and your practices relevant. For less-experienced association executives, NAR’s professional development opportunities are critical; there’s nowhere else you can learn how to be a better Realtor® AE.

How to Get a Raise: 10 tips for making what you’re worth

January 1, 2006: 

Now may be the best time to approach your board of directors or boss for that big raise. Although an annual 3 to 5 percent raise is the average in the U.S., real estate has had an exceptionally good run, driving up memberships and increasing demand for association services and products. Here are 10 tips for getting the raise you deserve:

10 steps to initiating a zero-based program budget

January 1, 2006: 

1. List all programs, activities, and services of the association. (Refer to the Program Budget Worksheet online at REALTOR.org for examples of what should be included.)

2. Have all staff members estimate the number of annual hours spent on each program, activity, or service.