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Befriend the Media, Build Public Trust

September 1, 2007: 

BY Amy Ritsko-Warren

he headlines have been ferocious. The national, regional, and local media have sunk their teeth into the real estate industry like insatiable beasts in a predator versus prey documentary on the National Geographic Channel. So do we “fight or flight”?

Although running and hiding is an effective course of action with some predators, it only incites the media. A “no comment” response not only implies you have something to coverup but also silences your voice in the conversation with consumers.

Public Events: Associations evaluate housing fairs, first-time homebuyer seminars, and community festivals as ways to promote members.

September 1, 2007: 

By Steve DeBretto

This will be the third and final year the Massachusetts Association of Realtors® purchases booth space at an annual home show, the type of industry event many associations attend to build consumer awareness of Realtors® and showcase their expertise.

Top 10 Legal Risks

September 1, 2007: 

BY Laurie Janik

Every real estate transaction presents potential legal pitfalls for licensees. Combine an active housing market with an increasingly litigious society, and you have the recipe for lawsuits. Buyers and sellers may bring suits against brokers or agents for a variety of reasons, based on both statutory and common law.

Consumer Web sites: Alternative Sites

September 1, 2007: 

As long as Realtor® associations have had Web sites, many have provided information on homebuying and homeselling. Recently, though, more associations are launching informational Web sites, for a variety of reasons, specifically targeting consumers.

Lobbying Success: Best practices of Realtor® association lobbyists any association can adopt.

June 1, 2007: 

By Bridget McCrea

The life of a lobbyist is one that not many people understand. Charged with persuading members of the government to enact legislation that would benefit their group—in this case the associations of Realtors®—lobbyists spend their days attempting to influence the outcome of legislation or administrative decisions.

Local Political Action: Start Here

June 1, 2007: 

A government affairs program that rallies members to take a stand on local issues isn’t just for state or large associations.