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The Art of Empathy

January 1, 2009: 

As each of us prepared for 2009, we did so with some trepidation, knowing that the 2009 housing market would parallel or surpass the 2008 drop in sales and home prices. Many association executives and REALTORS® have never experienced such a -market, and terms like “upside down,” “short sale,” and “mortgage crisis” simply weren’t in our vocabulary. So what advice is there for AEs and their members?

Initiative-Based Advocacy

January 1, 2009: 

GADs from across the country say their legislative and regulatory battles are growing. From the U.S. Congress to local city halls, politicians are being asked to answer for a multitude of problems stemming from the real estate lending crisis. Many areas have shrinking property and transfer tax revenue, growing numbers of vacant and foreclosed property, and increasing rates of homelessness—all of which lead to increased regulation and legislation of home-owners, homebuyers and homesellers, and real -estate practitioners.

Associations Use Members, Law to Battle Vandalism at Foreclosed Properties

January 1, 2009: 

Not only are empty properties (foreclosed, partially constructed, and unsold homes) the settings for theft, but police nationwide cite instances of people moving into these houses illegally, youths holding parties, and even growing marijuana on the lawn.

Responding to concerns from its members, the East Metro Board of REALTORS®, Ga., is partnering with Newton County Home Builders and the local sheriff’s department to form a community watch program aimed at reducing the incidences of vandalism on foreclosed and empty houses on the market.

Get ’em Involved Nine ways to motivate your young members

January 1, 2009: 

by Amy DuBose

We’ve heard many experts talk about generational differences within our culture today. Being 27 myself, I know what motivates me as a young AE. And although I can’t claim to know what motivates all young REALTORS®, I do have some insight. Looking to find out more, I called on young agents from around the country to tell me what makes them tick. Here’s a list of the top nine things that’ll get them going in 2009.

1. Know which benefits attract

7 Action Steps: Keep Members Motivated and Connected

January 1, 2009: 

by Melynn Sight

Motivation Proposition

In challenging economic times, members need association services and leadership more than ever. This stronger member reliance on association programs and products is your chance to sink or swim. As many agents and brokers contemplate whether to stay in the industry or move on, proving your association’s value to members’ bottom line has never been more critical.

Here are some great ideas from AEs across the country for keeping your membership strong, connected, and motivated.

R U Txt msgN? : Text messaging is easier, cheaper, and more effective than you may think

January 1, 2009: 

By Amy DuBose, RCE, e-pro, association executive with the San Marcos Area Board of REALTORS®, Texas.

REALTORS® are professionals on the move, so it makes sense to communicate with them wherever they are—on their cell phones. Yesterday, that might have meant a phone call. Today, it means sending a text message.