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MLS OUTLOOK: help the media understand

March 1, 2006: 

By Elaine Gast

MLS and the


Why the media get real estate issues so wrong . . . and what you can do about it.

There’s something rotten in the news these days. Although news media across the country are reporting on the real estate boom—from the New York Times to the Topeka Capital Journal—very few cast Realtors® in a positive light. When reporters aren’t portraying Realtors® as money-hungry hustlers, chances are they’re botching facts or bungling quotes.

“Dear Editor” Quick tips for writing letters and op-eds

March 1, 2006: 

Writing a letter or opinion piece for the press? “The first mistake people make is responding to something negative in another article,” says Steve Cook, NAR’s vice president of public relations. “You’re better off delivering the message you want to convey, instead of debating or criticizing what someone else said.” Here are tips from Cook on writing letters and opinion articles.

Consolidation: The Ideal MLS?

March 1, 2006: 

By Saul Klein

Many brokers today want a sense of “oneness” with their MLS. They want one MLS that covers their entire market and they want to pay one fee to oneorganization. They want to be able to serve on one MLS board, deal with one MLS vendor, receive their data in one format, and play by one set of MLS rules. Too often, though, multiplicity is the name of the game.

Copyright: Listing Ownership Under the Law

March 1, 2006: 

By Ralph Holmen & Marion Hanson

Although technology has made listing data more valuable, it has also made it more vulnerable. And protecting it isn’t easy. To keep data from being stolen, a host of technical and legal hurdles must be overcome—from securing copyright to determining ownership.

Here we’ll explore the legal issues raised by the need to better protect and manage MLS and listing data and take a look at efforts under way for providing better protection. 

MLS OUTLOOK: The future of the MLS

January 1, 2006: 

By G.M. Filisko



Privately owned? Association-owned? Regional? National?Which Multiple Listing Service model has the best chance of becoming the MLS of the future in America?