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Change Your Style: 11 Leadership Tips

September 1, 2005: 

By Lisa Walker & Norman Clark

"To transform an organization, one first must transform individuals. In an association, this may mean transforming yourself first."

Developing associations into leadership organizations takes more than reading an inspirational book or attending a high-powered seminar.

Organizational leadership requires that people move away from behaviors that stifle individual initiative and accountability and adopt behaviors that promote individual and group effectiveness.

Grow Rookies into Skillful REALTORS®

September 1, 2005: 

In the push to train the flood of new real estate licensees, associations and brokerages are forming a united front to get rookies up to speed.

Presidents’ Lessons of Change

September 1, 2005: 

By Julie Sturgeon & Carolyn Schwaar

Going from being a busy, successful Realtor® to being a busy, successful Realtor® elected to serve as president of a local association isn’t for the fainthearted.

Although most association presidents report that they walk into their volunteer position with eyes wide open, it still comes with its share of surprises. Here, Realtor® elected leaders share the lessons learned in their year as president and offer advice for the leaders of tomorrow.

Take the time to plan and learn

Fall 2005, Mastering Change

September 1, 2005: 

- Features -- 

Your Association in Five Years
Forward-looking real estate industry pundits predict the future of your association and how to plan for smooth sailing today.
By Gabriella M. Filisko

Grow Rookies into Skillful REALTORS®

Challenge to MLS Access Denied

September 1, 2005: 

By F. P. Maxson

In a victory for Realtor® associations and the MLSs they operate, a Wisconsin federal court has rejected a challenge to a requirement that only members of a Realtor®
association may participate in the multiple listing service.

What to tell members who want to help Hurricane Katrina relief efforts

June 1, 2005: 

State and local associations across the country have been inundated with calls from members wanting to contribute to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

If you receive calls, here is some essential information to pass on.

First: Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for members on the main hurricane relief page, which are frequently updated. You're free to post this FAQ at your association Web site.

Also, for associations, there's this info: