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Chair Report A Year of Progress

January 1, 2008: 

Like most of you, as I enter the fourth quarter of the year, I get nostalgic about all that has been accomplished. But I’m also contemplating what has yet to be achieved before the new leaders take the helm. During this hectic time of year, we work simultaneously to satisfy the goals of existing leadership while planning for our new leaders and their goals.

Consulting: AEs Give Back After Retirement

January 1, 2008: 

After being a Realtor® association executive for 28 years, Jim Peters retired to pursue a new career—consulting for Realtor® association executives. For Peters and other AEs who’ve turned consultant, the job has everything they loved about being an AE with a lot less of what they didn’t.

Time to Ditch Print?

January 1, 2008: 

Associations weigh the pros and cons of electronic publications vs. print

E-newsletters today are so easy, fast, cheap, and effective that many associations are asking themselves why they still have paper publications. Although there are considerable benefits to electronically based newsletters, there are still some drawbacks to consider.

Gas Hike Hits Staff, Volunteers

January 1, 2008: 

Associations find creative ways to ease the financial burden some staff and elected leaders incur to drive to work and board meetings.

Lying in bed one night, Jeanette Newton, CEO of the Dulles Area Association of REALTORS®, had a brilliant idea for helping employees with the high cost of gas: a four-day workweek!

Financial Disclosure

January 1, 2008: 

By Melynn Sight

You spend members’ dues dollars wisely: ample programs and services, reasonable staff salaryand benefits, prudent investments, and well-researched purchases. Yet, when it comes to sharing financial statements and budgets with the membership, AEs have differing views.

At one end of the spectrum are AEs who don’t hesitate when asked about sharing financials, as some have told RAE:

Flex Your Expertise

January 1, 2008: 

AEs agree, one of the best things you can do for your association and your career is to create professional relationships with other Realtor® association executives.