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Beardsley Named EVP of Move

March 5, 2014: 

Move Inc. announced today the promotion of Curt Beardsley to executive vice president of industry development.

AE Profile: Stephen Harding, 2013 Magel Award Winner

March 5, 2014: 

When REALTOR® AE magazine asked Steve Harding, CEO of the Tennessee Association of REALTORS®, what he thought had led him to receive the 2013 William R. Magel Award of Excellence, he recalled the inspiring guidance given to him many years ago by Magel himself.

Law & Policy: Professionalism and pocket listings

March 5, 2014: 

By now pocket listings are a concept most real estate professionals are familiar with, and in some circles they have become something of a dirty word. Lower inventory has created a surge in pocket listings, especially in markets such as Northern California, where as much as 30 percent of all listings are believed to be pocket listings. However, markets across the United States are dealing with this issue more often lately as real estate recovers and demand outpaces supply. Pocket listings can be legal, but agents must proceed cautiously and consider the related risk management concerns they pose.

Small Board: Where Professionalism Becomes Personal

March 5, 2014: 

Especially in small associations, where REALTORS® know one another, their families, and their dogs (the one who dug up the neighbor’s flower beds), one’s professional reputation is very important. In tight-knit communities where it’s hard to sweep anything under the rug, professionalism can flourish or it can falter.

Who Should Run the Agent Ratings?

March 5, 2014: 

Who will claim the ratings space and how agents will be rated are questions associations, brokers, agents, and others will continue to ask themselves.

Making It Harder to Get a Real Estate License

March 5, 2014: 

More than 50 percent of the AEs in our professionalism survey said heightened education requirements to obtain or retain a real estate license would be the best way to boost professionalism. Several state REALTOR® associations are now working with their legislatures to change licensing requirements with this goal in mind.