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Federal Stimulus Will Boost Inter-City Rail Projects

June 11, 2014: 

At President Obama’s request, Congress has appropriated more than $10 billion for the construction of new intercity rail lines. Economic studies suggest that these new trains could increase real estate values. California is the most likely state to receive federal funds, to help complete a high-speed rail corridor linking Sacramento to San Diego. Florida may receive funds for a route linking Tam.pa and Orlando. Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Ohio are other possible grantees.

Developers Build Walkable Neighborhoods Around Transit

June 11, 2014: 

Responding to Americans’ changing preferences, developers are helping transform the way cities grow with projects huddled near transit hubs. Such projects are increasingly popular, and are likely to become more so as concerns about climate change and gas prices continue to rise. They also have drawn support from the federal government. But in many ways they can be more challenging than traditional developments on virgin land.

Work the Network

June 11, 2014: 

If you are looking for a way to quickly feel “part of the CIPS family,” here are some resources for you.

Resources to Market Yourself

June 11, 2014: 

Did you know that through the CIPS designation, you have access to a whole cache of personal marketing materials to spread the word that you are a global agent? The work has already been done, all you need to do is customize with your contact information and distribute through your marketing/advertising channels!

New CIPS Benefits

June 11, 2014: 

Read about the new tools for CIPS designees.

Transportation Costs Can Wipe Out Housing Savings

June 11, 2014: 

For many years, families with lower incomes have moved farther from city centers to find affordable housing. But the recent spike in gas prices has brought national attention to the cost of transportation to and from these distant neighborhoods. Studies have shown that for some families, transportation costs can even exceed housing costs. New indices aim to elucidate the tradeoffs between these two sets of costs and help families find truly affordable places to live.