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Fast-Growing Light Rail Adds to Transportation Choices

June 9, 2014: 

Light rail systems are trains that are lighter and shorter than commuter rail or heavy rail systems. Although light rail represents only a small portion of the public transportation market, it is the fastest growing mode of public transportation and has been shown to provide a significant stimulus to surrounding economies. But the recession is slowing light rail expansion plans and forcing service cut-backs and fare hikes.

Survey Reveals That the Public Wants More Options for Mass Transportation

June 9, 2014: 

The 2009 Growth and Transportation Survey, sponsored by the National Association of REALTORS® and Transportation America, asked Americans how their communities are handling development, how development affects them, and how the transportation needs of communities can best be met. Respondents favored increased investment in bus and rail systems and policies to encourage denser development over building new roads as priorities for federal and local governments facing challenges of economic stagnation, population growth, and traffic congestion.

NAR Official Policy on Public Education

June 9, 2014: 

REALTORS® recognize the impact that quality education makes in every aspect of society. The future of business and industry, the real estate market and homeownership, our communities, and our nation depends on well-educated citizens and a well-educated workforce. To that end, we support programs and policies that promote quality education by efficiently financing capital construction, maintenance, and operations of our public school systems. We believe that public education is a state and local issue.

Steering, Schools, and Equal Professional Service

June 9, 2014: 

The REALTORS® Code of Ethics commits members of the REALTOR® organization to providing equal professional service without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender (sex), sexual orientation, disability (handicap), familial status, or national origin. That commitment reflects the same principles embodied in the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits such discrimination in housing-related transactions.

Advocate for a Local School Issue

June 9, 2014: 

In 2010, the Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® (CTAR) in South Carolina was faced with a difficult decision. Should they support tax increases to fund infrastructure improvements to local schools? And which of two proposals should they support? The first called for a one-cent sales tax over six years. The second--approved by the school district--called for an increase in property taxes. Before taking a position, CTAR decided to find out more about public sentiment on the issue.

Volunteer in Schools--and for Schools

June 9, 2014: 

The Washoe County School District, which serves Reno/Sparks and the surrounding area in Nevada, faces some tough challenges--including the threat of budget cuts during the 2011 legislative session and low graduation rates and proficiency levels in K-12 schools. The district has a new superintendent, Dr. Heath E. Morrison, with a bold strategy for reforming the schools, and community leaders want to get behind him.