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Internet Security Best Practices

January 14, 2015: 

This three-part report prepared by NAR's Information Central recommends a number of security practices to help keep you and your business safe online.

President Proposes Stronger Data Privacy Laws

January 13, 2015: 

In a speech to the Federal Trade Commission on Monday, January 12, President Obama unveiled new proposals to address how consumers’ personal data is handled

Immigration: One Key to Economic Development

January 13, 2015: 

Today, immigrants play an important role in economic growth across the United States where they start businesses and hire workers.

Unlocking Opportunities with Economic Development Organizations

January 13, 2015: 

Economic development organizations (EDOs) are an important part of the equation for bringing jobs and businesses to a particular geographic area, be it a city, county or state.

Economic Development: Key Channels to Boost Your Global Real Estate Practice

January 13, 2015: 

Economic development organizations (EDOs) exist to help businesses connect with global investors and customers.

FHA Fund Changes

January 12, 2015: 

Over the past four years, FHA has made several administrative changes to mitigate risk. FHA has increased mortgage insurance premiums (MIP), hired the agency’s first Credit Risk Officer, implemented a credit score floor, required a greater downpayment for borrowers with lower credit scores, and adopted a series of measures to increase lender responsibility and enforcement.