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Bring RLP to Your Association

February 18, 2013: 

Here's how to bring the REALTOR® Leadership Program to your association.

Free Public Advocacy Campaign Materials for Associations

February 14, 2013: 

NAR offers free public advocacy campaign materials for associations.

NAR Calendar of Special Events

February 7, 2013: 

Help NAR recognize Fair Housing Month, REALTOR® Safety Month, and Designation Awareness Month by sharing information and providing resources to members of your association.

Professional Standards Education Seminar

February 1, 2013: 

An overview of the National Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Education Seminar

2014 AEC Goals

January 28, 2013: 

This page outlines goals for the 2014 AE Committee.

Are You a Smart Casual or Business Casual?

January 23, 2013: 

Our attire can change drastically in a day due to the unpredictability. But isn't this what makes our industry so exciting?

8 Reasons Why They Skipped Your Webinar

January 18, 2013: 

Let's say you're a broker trying to offer some useful training to your associates. Why aren't they showing up in droves, you ask?


January 9, 2013: 

Presentations from the most recent Leadership Summit.

The YPN Wave Continues to Roll in 2012 & Into 2013

January 4, 2013: 

Check out this year in review for a comprehensive look at the many opportunities for young professionals to get involved in the National Association of REALTORS®.

Fiscal Cliff Update: What Is At Stake for Real Estate

December 28, 2012: 

Find out what real estate interests could be at stake, if Congress fails to take action to avert the fiscal cliff.