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Tips for AEs to Administer the Code of Ethics Training Requirement

July 27, 2012: 

In this video, a seasoned panel of local, state, and national staff provides a comprehensive overview of the policy and how to best administer the Code of Ethics Training Requirement. NRDS and record keeping, communication, promotion, and enforcement are topics covered.

Information for AEs About NAR's Consumer E-mail Campaign

July 24, 2012: 

The goal of the e-mail campaign is to increase consumer awareness about what makes widespread home ownership possible. Association Executives can read the complete Frequently Asked Questions for details, and share it with REALTORS® who ask about the campaign.

Consumer Communications Campaign FAQ

July 23, 2012: 

NAR is launching the first of a three-part campaign using e-mails and browser ads to make home owners aware of the value of home ownership and introduce them to NAR and HouseLogic as their allies in support of home ownership. This page answers common questions about the campaign.

Communications and Marketing

July 16, 2012: 

Resources to communicate NAR messaging and the REALTOR® brand effectively and accurately

Budget and Finances

July 16, 2012: 

Resources to help organize and plan your association’s finances

Association Structure

July 16, 2012: 

Resources to develop the understanding of how associations are organized

Technology for Associations

July 16, 2012: 

Resources for associations to implement sound technology and related business practices

Strategic Business and Vision Planning

July 16, 2012: 

Resources to develop a strategic plan for your association

Membership Relations

July 16, 2012: 

Resources to recruit, retain, and manage local association membership

Interacting with Government

July 16, 2012: 

A launching point for your association to get involved with government on the local and national levels